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Cisco D9887B decoder - UNICAST problems



we have a Cisco/Scientific Atlanta D9034 encoder and a D9887B decoder.

The encoder is streaming some video and I get this stream on my laptop using VLC player.

I  need this stream on our decoder that is located on another location and the stream is going across the internet.

What ever I try I can not get the stream.

I tested the decoder in my home network with VLC that is streaming and the decoder that should receive the stream.

With multicast it is working without any problems but I can not get it to work with Unicast traffic.

The decoder has 2 Ethernet NICs and 1 Management NIC and in the user manual it says it can work with UDP/RDP unicast & multicast.

I attached a small picture of the topology

Do you guys know how to solve this one?



OK, I got it to work. I type a normal host IP Address in the field where I have to type the multicast address and i have TS and Input presence.

The problem is that the 6500 switch and the access switch does not know the MAC address of the TS interface and it is flooding the stream

over the whole network.

I think that I can solve this with static MAC mapping (I can try this on Monday) but I wonder why the switches does not learn the MAC address.

In the manual of the decoder it says that the DUAL MPEG over IP Input does support Multicast and Unicast but there is no configuration example for unicast.

Actually I am really disappointed in Cisco because of the lack of support.

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