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Zachariah Stewart

Cisco Jabber video for telepresence registration to VCS in DMZ


     We are having issues registering Jabber video 4.4 clients to our VCS. The VCS is in a NATted DMZ, but there is no NAT between the Movi endpoint and the VCS. We have managed to register an EX90 unit, but the Jabber client always fails with "due to technical problems. Try logging in again later. If the problem persists, contact IT support."

     When I troll through the debug logs the only error I see is

UTCTime="2012-05-31 01:46:30,126" Module="developer.provisioning" Level="WARNING" CodeLocation="provisioningdatamanager(453)" Detail="Failed to include requested configs in provisioning request, requested config_keys is not part of the endpoint schema" user_uuid="4c982e48-aabc-11e1-ad2e-0010f3238342" user_name="zack.stewart" config_keys="[u'configurationphonebookserveritem1url', u'configurationphonebookserveritem1type', u'configurationconferencedefaultcallprotocol']" schema_uuid="fa362aac-7563-11e1-8efd-0010f3238342" schema_model="movi" schema_version="4.3" schema_created="1336552431"

The only other thing I see in the event logs is

tvcs: Event="Response Sent" Service="SIP" Src-ip="" Src-port="5060" Dst-ip="" Dst-port="22410"Protocol="UDP"Method="NOTIFY" To="" Response-code="408" Level="3" UTCTime="2012-05-3101:46:40,152"

Apparently the 408 message corresponds to Request timed out: Couldn't find the user in time. But we are using local authentication and the user exists in both user accounts and also authentication -> Device -> Local Database.

Any help or insight would be much appreciated, if any further info is require please feel free to ask

Zachariah Stewart

Forgot to add that VCS Version in 7.1

Hi Zachariah,

Can you please explain more. is it a starter pack ???



Yes it is a starter pack

     Thanks Zack

I found the issue.

Someone had misconfigured the cluster name so it didn't resolve to anything. Once that was fixed clients are registering fine.


Hi Zachariah !

I have the same issue on our VCS starter pack

But on our jabber clients we configure only IP address of our VCS, we do not use FQDN to configure VCS identification, and we got the same error.

Do you know what I could be missing ?

Thanks a lot for your help

Tomonori Taniguchi
Cisco Employee

Please note that if you have created any new account under incorrect cluster name (FQDN) on starter pack and then correct back cluster name (change it), you may need to delete it and recreate otherwise those accounts may not work.

Please refer to the Clustering section of the VCS Administrators Guide for more information.

Alcides Miguel

Hi Zachariah Stewart,


Can you please help me on this?


I've Jabber Video and I would like to register to VC system. I've VCS Express, VCS, MCU and TMS.


I'm trying out my internal network and I'm receiving the error Wrong username or Password,


I've the license applied into TMS.


Hope someone can help me on this issue.


Best regards,

Alcides Miguel 

Hi Alicedes,

                    If I were you I would probably start a new thread here on the forums. As the issue you have is not quite the same, it is likely something to do with the authentication settings between zones on the expressway and control (as a guess).

                    However, the deployment you are currently undergoing seems to be using the older architecture. Cisco Jabber Video has been announced end of life and the architecture should now have CUCM as the main registration point with the Control and Expressway being used as a firewall traversal mechanism to place calls external to the client.

                    Sorry I could not help further.


                     Best of luck.



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