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Cisco Jabber Video no Display Name


We a have an intallation of VCS 7.2, TMS 13.2.1, QuickSet C20, EX90, EX60, bunch of Jabber Video clients (5).

VCS and TMS are working in legacy mode, video endpoint are registered on vcs, provisioned by TMS, software clients receive provisioning too can search through phonebook, call using FindMe template, publish presence status).

The problem is - whe a Jabber Video user calls another Jabber, or EX/C20 endpoints - there no display name of caller - we just see an account name of the caller on the screen. When the call is initiated from EX/C20 - everything is ok - we can see a display name of device.

All the users are created in tms, sync with VCS, replication is enabled and working, all diagnostics are passed, also when i enabled a debug level of network logging, i saw that in SIP message, in part From (when the caller is Jabber client) - there is a Display Name of the user, but somehow it doesn't display on EX/C20.

Are there any warkaround of this problem?

Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee

As a general note I recommend you to upgrade to TMSPE in stead of using TMSAgent Legacy.

Have you setup Caller ID on the VCS? Try set the caller ID under the findme settings on the VCS to use FindME ID.

Is it still failing after this?

What have you configured under the FindMe settings in TMS under FindMe Caller ID?


Hello, Magnus. Thank you for your reply.

I tried both - Incoming ID, FindMe ID - it didn't help - i don't see display name on my EX/C20 boxes.

BTW FindMe constructs using this form:{username}

uri : {username}.{device.model}

FindMe template is created.

The system is just bought, we don't have an opportunity to buy another add-on as provisioning extension.

Hi Eugene,

You do not need to buy any additional software\license for TMSPE.

You can read about TMSPE here:

TMS 13.2.1 Provisioning Extensions Deployment Guide:

TMS 13.2.1 Software Download:

Artem is correct here, you do not need additional licenses. The Movi license will translate to a TMSPE license once you switch over to it.


Thank you, Artem.

But what about - "Cisco TMS Provisioning Extension option key Must be added in Cisco TMS under Administrative Tools > General Settings, in the Licenses and Option Keys pane".

We don have this option key.

It is the same key as you previously added to TMS for provisioning with legacy TMS Agent. Magnus correctly mentioned this before.

Best Regards,

Artem Borodai

Ok. We can try this later.

But are there any workarounds with my problem in Legacy Mode?

Rising star


are the EX/C20 devices registered in the same subzone as the Jabber Video devices?

If the EX/C20 devices are registered in a different subzone, what is the authentication setting for each of these subzones?

- Andreas

All devices a re registered in default subzone, authentication setting is - treat as authenticated.

Additionally you can try to change settings on your  Endpoints. This can be done with TMS, the endpoints web interface or in the CLI as shown below.

Web Interface - SIP Profile Type: Cisco

CLI - xConfiguration SIP Profile 1 Type: Cisco

Re-register them and you should see the Display Name configured.

Best Regards,

Artem Borodai

SIP profile type is already configured as Cisco. BTW as i wrote earlier - i can see Display Name of the endpoints. i don't see Display Name of the Jabber Video Users when the call is alerting.

Do you have SIP extension called "Remote-party-id" in your logs? Without this message in the SIP Invite or 200OK, the display name will not work.

Best Regards,

Artem Borodai

Eugene, I have sent you a PM.

SIP Profile should be set to 'Standard' whenever the device is registered to a VCS.

SIP Profile 'Cisco' is only to be used when registering the device to CUCM.

- Andreas

Martin Koch

Hi do not see that TMSPE would fix that.

This is a "bug" or misbehavior on the VCS regards to the p-asserted-identity header which does not include

any display name field and the endpoints presenting this header, ...

I posted this some time ago:

I opened a TAC case. Thats the bug-id:

My recommendation for Cisco would be to fix it in the VCS (maybe with a configurable option what to put in which header fields) and also have an option on the endpoints, infrastructure (mcu, ...) what to show, I know other vendors supporting to select what you

want to see (from:, paid:, rpid: / displayname, user, domain), ...

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