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Hi Prasad,

Hi Prasad,

I have tried but it gives the error port already in use.


Hi Guys,

Hi Guys,

Can any one share the steps  how to generate Webbridge URl and certificates.

Are u planning to use the web

Are u planning to use the web bridge with expressway or vcs ?


Hi Prasad,

Hi Prasad,

web bridge with expressway E.


Expressway and VCS E is a

Expressway and VCS E is a different component now.

Lets consider you have a expressway so you can refer the bwlo guide.


Hi Guys,

Hi Guys,

For webbridge CA which things are required to share it with client.I mean which configuration is required.

please rate the answer

please rate the answer regarding the webbridge.

Please read the below

Please read the below document for certificate requirement for CMS

Installing the certificate

Installing the certificate and private key for webbridge

To support this you need to install public CA signed certificate. This certificate then use by browser to trust the connection with the webbridge. Its considered that you have configured the listen interface and webbridge.

  • Login to the server and disable the webbridge
  • Assign the private key/certificate pairs using the command: webbridge certs [] where key file and certificate file are the filenames of the matching private key and certificate. If your CA provides a certificate bundle then also include the bundle as a separate file to the certificate For

example: webbridge certs webbridge.key webbridge.crt webbridgebundle.crt

  • Re-enable the Web Bridge interface webbridge enable If the certificate installs successfully on the Web Bridge, then the following is displayed:

                        SUCCESS: Key and certificate pair match

                        SUCCESS: Webbridge enabled

If the certificate fails to install, the following error message is displayed: FAILURE: Key and certificate problem: certificate and key do not match FAILURE: Webbridge configuration not complete

  • To remove the certificate you can use webbridge cert none command



below are few steps to start with.

  • To get the licence you ll required the PAK code and a MAC address of your core.
  • Get the MAC address of your code on which the call bridge is running by giving command “iface a”. Upload this data into the cisco licence registration tool
  • You will receive the licence file via email. Rename the licence file as cms.lic and upload it on your core through SFTP. ( let me know if you want to know how to use SFTP tool)

Restart the core once licence is uploaded.

  • Now once the call bridge licences are up you need to upload the user side licences either PMP Plus or SMP Plus through API. Please go through the API guide.

  • Configured the webadmin interface – which you did please make sure the cert and key matches.

pki match webadmin.key webadmin.crt

  • Configuring call bridge listen interface – which you have done
  • Now configure the XMPP on core server
  • Web bridge and TURN server on edge
  • Create a database cluster with one master server
  • Now once the above MMP configuration is done go to the web page of core and configure the call bridge cluster details.

Hi Alok,

Hi Alok,

Not yet. can you please share the step??

The evaluation mode warning

The evaluation mode warning is because your Call Bridge isn't activated, you need to purchase R-CMS-K9 to get a license to activate the Call Bridge. All CMS components won't work without an activated Call Bridge. When you get the license, and go through to process of claiming the PAK, you'll be asked for the MAC address of the CMS, you'll need to use the MAC of interface a of the VM itself and not of the VM host, use "iface a" command when logged into the MMP to find the MAC address. The same goes for when you're claiming all CMS licenses, use interface a MAC of the CMS VM. 


Can you be more specific in

Can you be more specific in your request about configuration ? Because from the start to end their is lots of configuration required.

Also its important to know how you are doing it ? Are you going to use Expressway or without it ?




Hi Alok,

Hi Alok,

Thank you for your response.its my first deployment so i need basic to advanced configuration as per below..Yes we use Expressway

1.Any conference in which jabber, web client, SX20 & Aver are present

2.Acano CMS will be integrated with SFB cloud

Really appreciate if you could help me in  this regard.



Check the CMS configuration

Check the CMS configuration guides (link provided in earlier reply) as well as the Cisco Expressway Options with Cisco Meeting Server and/or Microsoft Infrastructure.

The CMS guides cover deployment and configuration of CMS components as well as setting up a dial plan for inbound/outbound dialing.  The Expressway guide deals with SfB calling dealing with CMS.

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