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Cisco Meeting server & Expressway setup

Hello All,

I have configured cisco Metting server in my network. Endpoints / VC devices are register to the call manager version 10.5. All the video endpoints

are able to call CMS server by dialing and able to join the meeting. There meeting get recorded on NFS server. Now i am in confusion to receive call from outside/ internet to cms server. from the documents i understood that i need to configure cisco expressway server to reach cms server from outside. but i want to know do i need to configure cisco expressway C & E both or cisco expressway E is enough for my working scenario. how cisco expressway forward the request to cms server after receiving call.


Hi Sudeep,

Hi Sudeep,

To get calls from internet you need to have expressway(VCS)  E and C as it will provide firewall traversal.

To achieve firewall traversal the E is setup in the DMZ node and has 2 ports, one is an internet facing port and other is towards the LAN or C side. It has by default few ports open between E and C for communication. Call coming from outside lands on E and then through trusted connection reaches C. only deploying expressway E doesn’t serve the purpose.

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Prasad Paradkar


Thanks Prasad for your

Thanks Prasad for your response. currently i have installed only cisco VCS E only so i have to installed cisco VCS C as well. but then how & were should my CMS server act. as of now call is directly landing on CMS conferance bridge & we will be able to record those meeting. if i dial provided by called ID it will join the conference bridge on cms server.

see if you have anyone coming

see if you have anyone coming on the CMS from internet (outside the network or public internet) then only you should deploye the C and E. as this type of deployement offers more safe communication through firewall. ur able to reach CMS as the endpoints which is diaing the string is coming from ur LAN. not sure why you have VCS C configured ?

Please check the firewall travelsal guide for VCS.


Hi Prasad,

Hi Prasad,

Currently i have installed VCS E and not VCS C and all the calls reaching to CMS server are internal calls & not form the internet.


now we want to communicate

now we want to communicate CMS from the internet.


so u need to deploy the

so u need to deploy the expressway C and E, u also need to have firewall in between.

If you already have a VCS-C/E

If you already have a VCS-C/E, you can use them.

I don't know how your environment is already configured with CMS, but in short:

  1. Add CMS to VCS-C as a neighbor zone.
  2. Create an "Any alias" search rule on VCS-E pointing to -C via traversal zone.
  3. Create an "Alias pattern match" search rule on VCS-C pointing to CMS neighbor zone.  Search rule should be formatted to match conference aliases on CMS.
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