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Cisco Meeting Server, How to block guests entering a meeting space?

Hi, guys.


For CMS 2.6.1, how do I block guests entering a space through Webbridge where is not passcode protected and let logged-in users, but not members of the space, enter that same space without entering a passcode?


The question sounds simple, but after reviewing some reference, I am assuming this cannot be done by design. No admin settings and APIs to tackle this. Because the term "guest" for CMS refers to only if one is a member of that meeting space or not. Being a logged-in user or entering through Webbridge without logging in do not seem to make any difference.


Guests on Webbridge are able to freely enter those meeting spaces without a passcode just by entering the meeting ID number and leaving the password field blank. This isn't a bug, right? Yes, only if you know the meeting ID, but still.


What I need is meeting spaces that ALL and ONLY logged-in users can freely enter without passcodes and without registering all those users as members of those spaces.


Has anyone encountered this same issue?

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