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Cisco meeting server

Hi All,

I have configured CMS (2.1.5).Trying to call from my space to my desk extension through (option use a phone for a call).

Is this possible or not.

If yes then what configuration needs to be done.


Take a look at Acano KB #1056.  In short, you'll need to configure an outbound dial plan rule on the CMS that points to your CUCM.

I did that.But no luck.

Also i have added sip trunk in CUCM.

Is there any more config needed in CUCM?

Hi Nadeem, 

If you want the Jabber or extension to reach your space, then you need to have a Route pattern pointing to SIP Trunk ( pointing to CMS) for example if your space is 861000 then you should have route pattern to send the call to CMS.

Make sure for the inbound rules you don't have any rules( which means allow all) if any rules make sure it's not getting filtered.

Also how your space is configured, is it like, then configure the as sip route pattern pointing to CMS SIP Trunk.

Please let me know where you stuck and what is the error message you getting from event section.

updated: I saw your requirement is for from space to jabber then in this scenario if your XMPP ID is same as Jabber ID then call will not hit the Jabber, assume is XMPP ID in CMS and is directory uri on CUCM then hen dialled from space call will remain local to CMS and not go to CUCM. ( this requires subdomain routing)

However assume that user is also reachable via then if you dial this uri the call will ring the jabber, provided you have added the outbound rules pointing to all cucm all nodes with match all or specific domain like 

Also, this requires client-server template certificate to be used for CMS ( call bridge certificate to work with cucm)





Your post is very helpful to redirect the call from CUCM to CMS via SIP URI or space call ID, i have followed the same and call to SIP URI of space is working fine but for space call ID i cannot dial from my phone. whenever i dail, my call fails to connect CMS space.


i have created required route pattern on CUCM pointing to CMS Trunk.


i also have one IVR number for CMS and when i dail that number im connecting to CMS IVR and and via IVR my call is landing on space but if i directly dial the space ID it always fails.

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