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Cisco Room Kit and Room Kit Plus - Maximum Presentation Cable Length

Hi, we have several of the new Cisco Room Kit's and Room Kit Plus units and the presentation cable we have in, is proving temperamental is presenting which is suspect is down to the cable length.


For these units what is the maximum cable length you can have for the presentation cable?

When doing research I cannot find anything on the limitations, but for the accessories it is only mentioning an 8m HDMI cable.


It would be handy to know for definite






Wayne DeNardi
VIP Advisor

If you're using a Basic HDMI cable, then the maximum length would be 20m (for 1080p).

If you're using a Boosted HDMI cable, then the maximum length is extended out to 40m (for 1080p).

If you use HDMI over CAT extenders, then you can go further depending on the electronics you put at each end (you can get up to 250m using copper, or even up to 300m using fibre with the right equipment).

The distance will also depend on the resolution and frame rate of what you're pushing.

Also make sure that you're using quality HDMI2.0 cables (if you're only doing up to 1080p) or HDMI2.1 cables (if you want 4K).

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Ok, thanks for getting back to me.

We're finding anything over 8m the laptop don't project or the screen goes green/green lines on the screen or goes blank. We have been told anything over 8m won't work, but wanted to confirm this.

We have put a 5m HDMI cable in and this has been working fine for the room in particular, then plugged the 10m cable back in, we get problems.

We just want this confirm as we will need to get CAT extenders in.


As above - it all depends on the quality of the cable and the HDMI spec that it supports.   You can certainly use longer ones (like this one : 04MM-AOC25 - 25m 4K High Speed HDMI® Cable 24Gbps - Matchmaster Digital TV Antenna), but they can get very expensive for long distances.  I'd recommend you use some decent HDMI over Twisted Pair extenders.   After using a number of other brand ones in the past, I almost exclusively use the Extron DTP ones now. 

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Same problem: the distance between camera and codec is 30m. 

I can't use an HDMI cable. I've a cat6 shield between this 2 device.

Tested some HDMI extender: video is working but not the audio.

Do you know a right and tested Extender on cat cable?


My best regards

As per my other reply - we use the Extron DTP extenders and have found them to be extremely reliable.  We also have a number of the long HDMI cables (25m+) in some of our older rooms, but are finding that many newer laptops don't seem to be putting out enough voltage to be able to power them.   In those cases, adding a HDMI reclocker to the link has solved the issue in a number of spots.

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