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Cisco SX20 and TMS Custom Command - XML Assistance

Good Morning.


Looking for assistance in creating an XML Script to be utilized within the Cisco TMS for an SX20.

I am looking to broadcast a message for the duration of the meeting, and thinking I can do so with an 'xCommand'.


During testing I can submit an xCommand via the Startup Scripts option or the API option under the 'Configuration' menu of the SX20.

However, I have not been successful in having the script actually 'startup' as described, I have to keep clicking the 'run' button in order for the message to display on the screen.



I am looking to have the following displayed for the duration (while the unit is powered on).

The message will state the following --- "Classification Level: UNCLASSIFIED", and it will be centered on the top of the screen, hence the X and Y Coordinates as noted in the Cisco SX20 CODEC API Reference Guide (TC7.3 - October 2015 -- Page 108).


The 'xCommand' below works when you enter on the Startup Script screen (but no luck with the script actually running after a reboot), or via the API screen.

xCommand Message TextLine Display Text: "Classification Level: UNCLASSIFIED" X:4000 Y:500 Duration: 3600


The duration is listed as 3600 seconds, but would prefer the message be displayed as soon as the unit is powered on.

According to the API Reference Guide (xCommand Message TextLine Display) -- If set to 0, the text line is displayed until an "xCommand Message TextLine Clear" command has been sent.



I am asking for assistance to work this into a 'Custom Command' within the Cisco TMS (15.2.1).

We are running TC Series Software on all of our Cisco SX Series devices -- most of them being TC7.3.9 or TC7.3.11.


I think the following is the syntax I want for the XML Command, but would like some feeback from the community please.

<Command><Message><TextLine> <Display><Duration>0</Duration><Text>Classification Level: UNCLASSIFIED</Text><X>4000</X><Y>500</Y></Display></TextLine></Message></Command>


I am basing the XML based on the XML File within the SX20, and the following web portal -- (Custom Command for Endpoint Configuration Templates in TMS).



XML from SX20 is attached.


So any help to try and put a message up on the screen for the entirety of a meeting, or preferably for the duration which the machine is powered on.

Any assistance from the Community or Cisco would be appreciated.


Your XML for the custom command appears correct, though I'm unable to test it at the moment to confirm. Regarding the startup script, did you turn the script on? You should see a green dot next to the script name if it's enabled, or a red circle if disabled?
With TC7 software, using TMS custom commands and startup scripts will only allow you to have the message appear on startup/boot, but if you upgrade to CE9.2, you could use the marcro framework to have the message appear when in an active video conference and have more control over how and when the message is displayed based on the status of the endpoint.

Thanks for the reply so quickly.
Within the 'Startup Scripts' I do have the xCommand for displaying the message Saved, and Enabled (the green button is showing next the script), but no luck when I reboot the system. On when I click on the 'Run' button next to the On / Off, or by running the xCommand from the API screen. 


Thanks for reviewing the TMS Custom Command.

If you get a chance to verify I would appreciate the feedback. 

Looking at the admin guides, it appear that anything that gets run from via startup scripts it done as part of the start up procedure, so it could be the scripts are run at such an early stage during this procedure, it could be too soon for something as simple as a message on the screen as the endpoint isn't ready yet.

I can try the custom command later this week, but from some quick testing looking at endpoint logs, the command wasn't rejected, though I'm not able to physically check the display at the moment.

I added the Custom Command to the TMS Configuration Template, and then changed the unit's Persistent setting to the updated configuration, and was in the room while the unit rebooted, and no luck -- the text message did not appear. 


I am going to try and change the 'Duration' from 0, and change it to the Max of 3600 seconds to see if the 'Duration' is the issue, and will let you know.


If you have any luck please let me know.

Thank you for your time.

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