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Cisco TelePresence EX90 faulty

Good morning people,

I'm wondering something about the Cisco TP EX90 endpoint. This endpoint has an integrated camera PrecisionHD - my questions are:

Is it possible to replace that part? I didn't find ANY information about that. Do we need to replace the whole endpoint if we have a faulty camera where the endpoint is uncovered by maintenance?

What is the default warranty time of such an endpoint?

Thanks for your reply.


Martin Koch

The warranty time might be dependent on the country you bought it in and a possible service agreement.

I would assume you only get the main parts which are:

* main unit

* touch screen

* handset

* cables

I am not aware that you can get just the camera to repair it yourself.

I would contact a Cisco Telepresence partner where you bought it to assist you

Partner locator tool:

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Nico Teunissen
Cisco Employee

If you want to check the warrantee period there is a webpage with a warantee finder on

The EX90 (cts-ex90-k9) shows a 90 day standard warantee.

Cisco does not supply the single camera that is mounted on the EX90. You will have to get the whole ex90 system replaced either by warantee or a coverage with a mainenance contract.

I have got a similar issue here. The Ex90's camera got damaged during transportation. whats the best way to approach this issue. Not sure where we got the unit from. 

Any idea about the cost involved in replacing the EX90??

As mentioned in the 3 year old discussion you've dragged back up, the camera itself is not a replacable part - you need to replace the whole EX90 main unit.

You can try logging an RMA on the unit if it is under an active service contract.

Failing that, you'll need to purchase a new one - as to the cost involved in that, it will differ depending on your country, location, supplier's discount level, etc - so you'll need to ask your local supplier for that.

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Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
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