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Cisco TMS and SQL Server Service pack compatability issue

Hi All,

Why Cisco TMS 15.3 and 15.2.1 supports only SQL RTM not any SQL Service pack?? Currently we have SQL 2008 r2 sp3, does this support for Cisco TMS 15.3 or 15.4 version.

Should i request for SQL Server standard or enterprise edition for TMS, Please suggest..

Thanks & Regards,

Nikhil Jayan

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

The wording is actually confusing, but that just says that the BU tested with the RTM release, not that you cannot install a SU on your SQL version.

You can use whatever version you want, that's listed in the 2nd column.



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Hi Jaime,

Thanks for your reply..

I'm just wondering to know, how these SQL version and service pack details are updated in TMS 15.4version installation documents. But unfortunately cisco has not released that yet :(

Do you have any idea about TMS initial DB size and growth on annual basis??

Thanks & Regards,

Nikhil Jayan

SQL versions and documentation remains the same between TMS 15.3 and 15.4, the 15.4 install guide is listed with the rest of the TMS Install Guides, just at the bottom of the page and not within the main list of guides.

Regarding the SQL size and growth, all that information is covered in the install guides under the "Prerequisites" section.  The recommended SQL disk space is 60GB, while the disk space needed for a large TMS database is typically 20-30GB, refer to the install guide to see what consists of a large TMS deployment.  Database size and growth will depend on the number of managed and monitored systems that is added into TMS, as well as the frequency that TMS is configured to purge old data from the database.

Hi Jaime,

I have a similar question, customer wants to use SQL server 2012 SP2-CU14 which provides support for TLS 1.2 communications. Do you know if TMS 15.4 would support TLS 1.2 communications with that SQL version?


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