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Cisco UC Skype for Business Integration - What is the use of TURN services


Setup has Cisco Expressway-C dedicated for Skype for Business integration.  Integration is complete and the calls are working fine between the internal Cisco & SFB (Skype for Business) clients.

SFB is already configured to take on external SFB client calls and it is working fine.  Now, these external SFB clients wants to call a Cisco UC extn/directory URI.  

Do I need to enable TURN service in the expressway edge (which is already in service for B2B calls) or the calls will be automatically handled as SFB is already accepting external calls and SFB & Cisco UC are already integrated.  

I understand that with TURN services in expressway-e, the signalling & media for the external SFB clients will be routed directly from Cisco UC through expressway-edge TURN server.

Does expressway-e with TURN services is mandatory in this type of deployment. 


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