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Cisco Unified Camera on 9971 - Intra-region calls falling back to audio, inter-region worksCisco Unified Camera on 9971 - Intra-region calls falling back to audio, inter-region works

I have a small callmanager 8 setup with 9971 cam phones and 3rd party conference room VTC kit. Last week I set up mobility & SNR for my users. I've noticed since then that calls from the 3rd party VTC kit to the 9971s work perfectly with video, but calls from 9971 to 9971 fall back to audio only. This now impacts phones with DNs which SNR was not set up on.

I've searched everywhere but documentation on the Cisco Unified Camera seems to be restricted to the 9971 admin guide.

I've just noticed this in the SIP INVITES themselves in RTMT:


m=video 0 RTP/AVP 31 34 96 97

c=IN IP4


m=video 8422 RTP/AVP 97

c=IN IP4

Still no closer to the cause of this. Hopefully some kind soul could point me in the right direction to troubleshoot this.

Jeff Bankston

have 9971 to 9971 video calls ever worked?

if your locations and regions are set up properly, and the profiles for 9971 has video enabled on the base phone, phone to phone will work fine. Also, make sure the usb port on the phone for the video camera is enabled in the base settings for the phone, or in the profile itself, whichever you're using.


Yes, video was working perfectly until about two weeks ago. Major config changes have been occuring since then due to deployment of Single Number Reach and integration of a subsiduary's CME.

Unfortunately the 9971 to 9971 video calls were not on the test plan so its hard to pinpoint when it stopped working.

Video and the camera are enabled on the handsets, as I mentioned video calls work to our Lifesize conference room VTC systems.

Take a look at your service parameters. There will be one labeled Default Intraregion Max Video Call Bit Rate (Includes Audio) . This will define what video is possible intra-region. Also look at your region configurations. Either you are using the system default (i.e. the service parameter value) or a manual value specified.

Table five of the data sheet shows what formats the phone is capable of dealing with. You should try setting the value in CUCM in accordance with this table (which I recognize is from a different product):

Intraregion & Interregion Bandwidth are still set to the default (384).

I'm just taking a further look at the SIP Invites. It looks like the calls do not work when initiated by a 9971.

The SIP invites when answering a call have the correct IP under the video section. Whena 9971 starts a call the invite has

this tells me that a change in the regions and/or locations is causing the issue if it falls back to audio.

Try taking two 9971 phones, both on the same subnet, same DP, same region and location, and see if that works. Eliminate the need for codecs and bandwidth calculations, try a same subnet test.

If that works, expand out back to your current configuration and troubleshoot from there.

My guess is that a codec is being requested/required and possibly you don't have DSPs available for it right now?

Sorry for the delay, I am in Istanbul, time is tough here.


Yep, Same subnet, same region & location and it still falls back to audio, yet calls to a lifesize unit 6000km away works fine.

I have no DSPs, however this setup was working 100% on the same callmanager a few weeks ago, it should just be G722 for audio and H264 for video as all phones on the CM have similar capabilities.

Update on this:

I moved one of the phones into another device pool and they started working again. But now they can't reach the Conference room VTCs.... Ah progress

This issue is definately related to the regions. Any phone on the CM cannot video call another in the same region.

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