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Cisco VCS URJ Denied - Registration inconsistent


On my VCS, i see it is sending URJ for a URQ from my Content server.

The reason, it says is Registration inconsistent.

The Content Server, First Registered a Alias, then unregistered another. - All in a single second.

This URJ also made the VCS to break my ongoing call and send a Q931 Release and DRQ to the Calls connected to Content Server.


TCS Registers 1234568
tvcs: Event="Registration Requested" Service="H323" Src-ip="TCS-IP" Src-port="1719" Src-alias-type="E164" Src-alias="1234568" Protocol="UDP" Level="1" UTCTime="2014-03-12 10:10:36,606"
tvcs: Event="Registration Accepted" Service="H323" Dst-ip="TCS-IP" Dst-port="1719" Dst-alias-type="E164" Dst-alias="1234568" Protocol="UDP" Level="1" UTCTime="2014-03-12 10:10:36,613"
TCS Unregisters 1234567
tvcs: Event="Unregistration Requested" Service="H323" Src-ip="TCS-IP" Src-port="1719" Protocol="UDP" Level="1" UTCTime="2014-03-12 10:10:37,129"
tvcs: Event="Unregistration Rejected" Reason="permission denied" Service="H323" Dst-ip="TCS-IP" Dst-port="1719" Protocol="UDP" Level="1" UTCTime="2014-03-12 10:10:37,129"
tvcs: Event="Registration Removed" Reason="Registration inconsistent" Service="H323" Dst-ip="TCS-IP" Dst-port="1719" Dst-alias-type="H323" Dst-alias="" Dst-alias-type="E164" Dst-alias="1234565" Protocol="UDP" Level="1" UTCTime="2014-03-12 10:10:37,129"
tvcs: Event="Message Sent" Service="H.225" Message-type="URQ" Src-ip="VCS-IP" Src-port="1719" Dst-ip="TCS-IP" Dst-port="1719" Detail="SeqNo:29785" Protocol="UDP" Level="2" UTCTime="2014-03-12 10:10:37,135"
Call Disconnects Here
tvcs: Event="Message Sent" Service="H.225" Message-type="DRQ" Src-ip="VCS-IP" Src-port="1719" Dst-ip="TCS-IP" Dst-port="1719" Protocol="UDP" Level="2" UTCTime="2014-03-12 10:10:37,141"

Is this a behavior of VCS.

Why TCS sent a Register and Unregister is being investigated.

VCS - X8

TCS - S5.3

George Thomas

Do you have any registration rules setup on your VCS to allow/deny certain patterns that could be doing this?

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No. I don't have any registration policy. There is no overlapping registration as well.

Anything in the TCS log files?


It might be interesting to see screenshots of the gatekeeper configuration on the TCS

as well how the recording aliases are set up.


Check that the time is correct on the VCS and on the TCS (best use the same NTP servers).

Check that there is no firewall/nat, especially with Layer3 features in between. Especially if you are aware of ANY kind of firewall in between, at least tripple check on that.


Also check again the TCS and the VCS configuration.

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TCS logs show a alias registration just before the disconnect. Vcs and TCS on same lan. We have 5-10 recording alias and are booked from tms. No personal recording alias.

Just a thought, but has anything been done to the VCS or TCS, such as upgrading software or configuration changes to either?  Was the TCS working before this started, if so, what has if anything changed between now and then?

It can be a little extreme, but in most cases I find, a repair of the TCS application fixes most things related to the TCS, if it could be a cause of the TCS that is.  This is typically a last thing you'd consider, exhausting other ideas first.

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