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Cisco VOIP troubleshooting

Thanks for checking out my post, I have inherieted a Cisco VOIP network which I have the basic knowledge of it.  We just had an issue arise where when a user dials an external number there is about a 5-10 second delay before the number will actually dialed.  So I dial my cell number and there is about 10 seconds then you hear it start ringing.  There is no delay when it comes to dialing internal numbers!

We are using the Cisco Call manager, some of the users said it has happened before and the previous admin fixed it of course no one remembers what was done. 

I just need a general direction on where to start looking/troubleshooting would be great!

I just noticed that I posted this in the Video over IP!  Didnt mean to do that sorry!

Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco VOIP troubleshooting

Jason it sounds like you have an overlapping route/translation/dn pattern in your network. The easiest way find it would be by using the DNA (Dialed Number Analyzer). You can find it under Serviceability/Tools. (If you don't see it there you probably haven't activated the service). So once there go to Analysis/Analyzer, enter the CSS and Calling DN and it would give you all the direct and alternate matches from the dialed number.


- Michael Mendoza


Re: Cisco VOIP troubleshooting

Talked to Cisco TAC and while the tech was investigating the issue it seems that the SIP trunk between our Cisco CCM and our Cube here was locked up.  He accidently fix the problem by changing the phone calls from TCP to UDP then reseting the trunk (which is done after you change this).  Once it was change the delays were working fine.

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