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Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus - Source Switching on Audio Call

We recently deployed a Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus and when users are presenting via a connected PC or ClickShare device (HDMI Inputs) the system is automatically switching the source to the audio call on the screen; like it's trying to do a video call. (comes up with a large grey screen) This happens with calls going out, and calls coming into this conference room.

I hope I'm just overlooking a setting. However, we need the device to behave so that when an audio call is placed, or received, the source doesn't switch. When a user tries to manually switch back the touch panel is saying that Sharing is not Supported. As soon as you leave the call you can swap back to the presentation on the other sources.

Update: "Share Not Supported" -- This source is reserved for copy protected content (HDCP) which prevents you from sharing video content while in a call. Use a different cable, or end the call to present the source.


Maybe that's an option somewhere to enabled/disable?


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Re: Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus - Source Switching on Audio Call

It sounds very much like the device you are trying to share is showing (or playing audio) as HDCP content.

The Room Kit endpoint will (correctly) detect that the content is protected, and prevent you from sharing it (either audio or video - it doesn't discriminate) with a remote participant.  If it's protected, it cannot be transmitted.

Your solution is to use something that doesn't try to display HDCP content, or insert something in the signal path before the Room Kit endpoint to strip the HDCP from the content you are sharing.

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