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CMR's with Numeric dial in



we want to implement the Cisco Telepresence CMR with the sip-uri "meet.{email}" and additional with a numeric dial in.

The numeric dial-In should be only the last 3 digits of the {office_phone} number and an prefix like 99 in front of them.

What must I enter "Reg-Ex" Field when I edit the CMR Template?

I can't find any documentation about that.




You can use any of the following:

  • {username}
  • {email}
  • {office_phone}
  • {mobile_phone}
  • {display_name}
  • {first_name}
  • {last_name}

The same variables above that can be used in TMSPE will also work with CMR.

To add to what I just posted above.

If your phone numbers include hyphens "-", those will be added to the SIP URI as well.  If you'd rather only have numbers, for example your number is 123-456-7890, the and you want 991234567890@domain instead of 99123-456-7890@domain.  You'd use the following alias pattern:

99{office_phone  ['-'='']}@domain

['-'=''] will replace hyphens with whatever you have in the second set of apostrophes, in this case, it will replace them with nothing removing the hyphen all together.

I don't want to use the alias pattern for this.

Below that, there is the "numeric alias pattern" and I need to use this and there is a Field called "regex" and I want to know how is the syntax for that.

Yeah, I just realized that, never noticed it until now.

Hopefully somebody has recognized it until now an is using it. :-)

I've tried every regex pattern I can think of, I can get it to extract the first few digits of the phone number, before the first hyphen, then it stops.  Anything after that hyphen it doesn't want to extract.

They should have put regex examples in the deployment guide for this section, would be a big help.

Can you post the regex who is working for the first few digits? I get only the whole phonenumber.


RegEx:  \d*

\d    Matches any decimal digit, ie: 0-9.
*      Matches 0 or more repetitions of the previous character or expression.

So with \d*, your matching any decimal number and repeating that match, however it will stop with the first hyphen.

You gave me the right hint.

I was able to extract just the last part of the office phone number

with the regex . \+<coutrycode>\-<citycode>\-<companynumber>\-(\d*)\z

The Part between the brackets will be used.

\z means end of the string.


Thanks a lot Patrick

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