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CMS and IM & Presence in the same domain



Customer is going to deploy a new Collaboration infrastructure which incorporates Unified CM,Expressway-C & E, IM and Presence and Cisco Meeting Server cluster. I came across "CMS-Expressway-Deployment-Guide_X8-9-2" document which clearly states that:


"We recommend using a subdomain for your conferences because some call agents cannot make routing decision based on  the username part of the requested  URI. For example, we suggest that you use the form in your dial plan instead of".


In another document which is the Preferred Architecture, conferencing section, it also clearly states the same which is:


"If the deployment includes Cisco Meeting App, an XMPP server should be enabled and configured   with an XMPP domain for user authentication. Avoid using the parent domain (for example, asthe XMPP domain because other components such as Cisco Unified CM IM and Presence Service might have already used it, which could complicate the overall design. We recommend using a sub-domain such as as the XMPP domain for Cisco Meeting Server".


Now, customer is already having a VCS-Control and VCS-Edge which has some polycom and Cisco telepresence endpoints registered to. Thus, after deploying the new Expressway Pair Core and Edge, we are considering removing VCS-Edge and integrate the Call Manager with VCS-Control for polycom endpoints to register to while shifting all Cisco Telepresence Endpoints to register with Call Manager using SIP.


Thereby, based on above scenario I have some concerns for this design:


1- So far, I don't have a clear understanding why should I avoid using the same parent domain ( that is going to be used with IM and Presence and use a subdomain ( Does this requirements applicable to the above scenario that VCS-Control would be unable to route calls properly?


2- for Cisco Telepresence Endpoints to register on Unified CM, do I need to upgrade it to at least CE 8.3 and Why?. I have read somewhere that it is compulsory,thus, I want to consider this in the scope.


3- Is there an option to allow polycom endpoints to register on Unified CM as H.323 as well so the VCS-Control and VCS-Edge to be removed completely?. or it is better to just leave H.323 endpoints to register on VCS-Control and just remove the VCS-Edge? which  design is more valid and recommended?


Please advise.




Nick Halbert-Lillyman

1. If you have IM&P and use Jabber, then you might not be using user-based Cisco Meeting App anyway so it's less important to split the domains.  If you are planning to use CMA as well as IM&P/Jabber, then users would need a different URI for CMA than jabber - e.g. for Jabber and for CMA.


That said, if you plan to use CMS to interoperate with Skype for Business clients and your organisation uses Office 365, then Microsoft probably points your _sipfederaitontls SRV record to their cloud, hence you need a subdomain for CMS.


2.  You should probably go to the latest software rather than just CE8.3, but in any case, endpoints won't support some of the advanced features with CMS such as Active control or dual-screen video if you stay on older software.  In addition, TC7.x is just about end-of-life and should be upgraded regardless.


3. You can't register H323 endpoints to CUCM, but most Polycom endpoints can register as SIP anyway.  Is there any reason you want to keep them on H323?


Even if you need to stay on H323, you can purchase TP room licenses for Expressway-C and register them to that instead of VCS-C (you can now register endpoints directly to Expressway-C, this is a relatively recent capability), although I would still recommend migrating to SIP regardless.

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