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CMS - how to get a list of all coSpaces

I'm trying to create a list of all available coSpaces after importing the users from AD.

I've tried with Postman: /api/v1/coSpaces but this only returns about 20 spaces in the data body.

From the webpages you cannot export to a file. You need to do it page by page but this takes to long if you have many space.

Stephen Carr

hmm, I can see all of my coSpaces that way. Are you logging into Postman with an account that only has visibility to the tenant it is a part of or something? If you log into the Web Admin page on the Call Bridge can you see them all?


I can see all coSpaces from the webadmin pages.

For API I use a dedicated user. I do not use multi tenant.


rgds, Geert.

I also tried with Poster and got the same limited output.

do you see any pattern to it? Are there tenancies that are missing from the list? Do the missing ones have anything in common (or the ones that do show up)?


Zoltan Kelemen
Cisco Employee

Hi Geert,


Postman (or other "manual" methods for that matter) are not really practical for performing bulk API operations, such as retrieving say 2000 cospaces.
While useful for one-off configuration items or proof of concept work, bulk operations require some scripting (or programming, as the "P" in API).
A relatively simple code would retrieve all of those 2000 spaces in a second, using iterative calls.


To get a start, you can use Postman to generate some sample code in your language of choice, then modify this code to your liking.


I managed to get a full list in XML format by using the CMS Log Collector tool.

In advanced you can select to get user and coSpace lists with or without details.



According to the API guide


[4.1.1 Collections level

If the GET method is performed at the Collections level (the pluralized noun: “calls”, “coSpaces” etc.)then some number of matching child nodes will be retrieved. By design this is not guaranteed to be the entire list, but the total number of objects of that type present in the Meeting Server can be learnt via this mechanism. ]

So you could use limit & offset parameter to get all of them just like






Hope this could help you.






my CMS is sync with LDAP and it has 8000+ coSpaces, i have to find a coSpace where uri is 88xx or 1234. how can i search that specific space in postman?

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