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CMS Recording - Provide Recordings to the End User

Has anyone come up with or heard about any convenient way to provide recordings to the end user? There is nothing built in and the system just dumps the recordings in a NFS share.



The Cisco solution is VBrick Rev, take a look at the VBrick Rev for Cisco Unified Communications Solutions Data Sheet for more information.

Automatically ingest Cisco Meeting Server files into the Rev portal, where they can be organized, searched, displayed, and viewed by anyone in an organization or automatically posted into Cisco Spark rooms.

However, you can most likely use any third-party video portal and streaming solution that can be setup with an NFS where CMS can upload the recordings to.


Hi Patrick,


  i'm looking for a documentation to integrate Cisco meeting server, ingest automatically videos on Vbrick Rev Runtime, Do you have any documentation about this process?


   because i can upload the files on Rev runtime, but i want that process is perform automaticaly ingesting videos from Cisco meeting server into Rev runtime..

   i didn't find anything.


many thanks





Current process is to upload recordings into Rev manually, this is because CMS lacks the ability to generate the required metadata files that Rev needs for automatic consumption. Whenever CMS 2.3 is released, CMS can then upload recordings directly into Rev.
Recommend you take a look at the VBrick Rev and DME Design Guide, there is a section in it regarding CMS.


Hi Patrick,


   thanks for your information. the Issue that i had is because on datasheets, they everytime talk to ingest automatically, so you said that is not possible at this time, ok, only in future releases of CMS.


   My mistake is because on links bellow, datasheets are saying that is possible. Why does datasheet have this information? many thanks for your help.


* Automatically ingest Cisco Meeting Server files into the Rev portal, where they can be organized, searched, displayed, and viewed by anyone in an organization or automatically posted into Cisco Spark™ rooms




I just spoke to my VBrick Sales Engineer and got some more information on this.

Going directly from CMS into a DME or into Rev isn’t supported as of yet, which is why I said it wasn’t supported in my previous reply. Pre-CMS 2.3, you’ll require a server that sits between CMS and a DME called a “CMS Broker”, it’s an .OVA that is a lightweight Linux application that watches the NFS folder for new recordings from CMS and transfers the videos in there to the DME. Once the recording is ingested into the DME, the process is then automatic into Rev. The CMS Broker can be obtained from either Cisco or VBrick, and is needed because Rev requires a JSON file for every recording that comes into the DME and CMS isn’t capable of generating that yet (until CMS 2.3). 

When live streaming using Events in Rev, you can have the DME record the event and automatically ingest that recording. 


Hi Patrick


   many thanks for your information, I really aprecciate that.


   Do you know, how can i download cms brocker?


   Version 2.3 of cms is not available yet, i ask for the roadmap with my cisco sales engineer, but i don't have the answer.


    I'm looking for the process with DME ingest live events on rev yet




CMS Broker can be downloaded by contacting TAC, if they don’t have it, you can obtain it from VBrick support. 

To record live streams via Events in Rev, you’ll need to designate a DME to be a recording DME in Rev under Admin > Features > Recording. It also requires you to add a RTSP stream to the Presentation Profile utilized by the live stream event in Rev. 


CMS 2.3 just released yesterday, it includes an uploader component that will allow it to upload recordings directly into Rev. 

CMS 2.3 Release Notes