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Codec Display Name

Is there a way to change the display name shown when in a multi-point call on an MCU?  Currently it shows the h.323 ID, I am wondering if it is possible to show the SystemUnit name?                  


Codec Display Name

Hi Josh,

It can be changed from the codec using the below mentioned command :-

xConfiguration SystemUnit ContactInfo Type

Describes which parameter to put in the status field in the upper left corner on the screen display.

The information can also be read with the command xStatus SystemUnit ContactInfo.

Requires user role: ADMIN

Value space:

Auto: Shows the address which another system can dial to reach this system, depending on the

default call protocol and system registration.

None: Do not show any contact information.

IPv4: Shows the IPv4 address as the contact information.

IPv6: Shows the IPv6 address as the contact information.

H323Id: Shows the H323 ID as the contact information.

E164Alias: Shows the H323 E164 Alias as the contact information.

SipUri: Shows the SIP URI as the contact information.

SystemName: Shows the system name as the contact information.

Example: xConfiguration SystemUnit ContactInfo Type: Auto

First change the setting on the Endpoint, so that it would reflect on the Multipoint call on the MCU.

Please update with the results.




Codec Display Name


I made the change and it changes on the upper left hand corner of the home screen.  But when I put the endpoint in a call, it still shows the h.323 ID.


Is this characteristic still

Is this characteristic still valid?

a customer requested to keep using a System Name instead the H.323 ID to be displayed at MCU conferences.

After to configure the H.323 ID (in URI format) at the endpoints (MXP or TC Series) , the MCU show the H323 ID instead the System Name when the endpoint call the MCU conference room. This happens with an H.323 to H.323 call (Endpoint to MCU).  If we remove the H.323 ID from the Endpoint configuration, the MCU show the System Name as expected.


Is there a configuration to change this behaviour? Any improvement on latest releases?

They are running VCS X8.1.1; TC 7.2.1 and MCU 4.4(3.42).



This behavior is still

This behavior is still present, if you want the codec to use the system name, you'll need to leave the H323 ID blank.  If the H323 ID is used, it will override the system name when displaying it's name to the remote site.


Codec Display Name

The SystemUnit ContactInfo is only displayed on the monitor or TV in the statis field banner in the top left side of the screen.

In order to get the system name to appear while in a call to other endpoints or anyone connected, you'll need to leave the H323 ID blank, and it will then show whatever is entered in SystemUnit Name if anything.  The H323 ID overides the SystemUnit Name.


Codec Display Name

Could also use SIP instead which gives you the option of setting "DisplayName" in MXPs and C-series.


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