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wayne curley

Codian 4520 - create template to make content sahring full screen

Is there a way on the Codian 4520 for adhoc conference to display content fuill screen to all all participants in the meeting when content is being shared?

Also when confernce is not being shared want to go back to the 2x2 or 4x4 screen for video

Wayne DeNardi
VIP Advisor

I do not believe this is possible to do automatically.  You can however do it manually through the MCU web interface at the time of the conference.

As an alternative - If you use a different layout (ie, a 5+1 type layout with 1 large and 5 small windows), you can designate that the Content will be marked as the "Important" participant and therefore be shown in the larger window while all the other participants are kept in the smaller ones (Settings > Conferences - Automatically make content channel important).  It'll show the active speaker in the larger window at other times (or whoever else may be marked as Important or takes the floor with floor control).

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Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
Martin Koch

If you could also tell us a bit more about endpoints you have, what users experiance by today, ...?

In general when a presentation is shared this should happen as a dual stream,  meaing

that the endpoint itself could decide what it should show when a presentation is shown.

Like only content, only the video-part or a mix/pip/side-by-side layout.


If this does not work (like you see the content withing the 2x2 4x4 matrix, then there might

be something not ok in your setup regards content.


That said its also possible like Wayne said to handle content just as a single video stream

and keep it important.


The Cisco/Tandberg endpoints as well as the MCU support APIs, I would say with some

programming some automated switching can be archived.

You can find the API specifications on the Cisco documentation site.


Also check out TelePresence and AV integrators, they should be able to help you.

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The problem is with smaller one monitor endpoints. the large rooms with dual screens is not a porblem becuase the content is displayed fully on the second monitor.

It is when folks have say Movi or an E20. These small screen single monitors, it is hard to read the content.


So it seems like there is only 2 options

1. I manually manipulate the layouts when the confernce is in session

2. We create say a webpage that has api's that basically do the same type of manipulation when the conference is in session

Is this true?


And thank you both for your answers.

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