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Jesse Hoffman

Codian MCU supporting Lync

We are working with a Lync Gateway VCS solution (B2BUA) and have calls working between Endpoints and Lync.  We also have calls working from the Codian MCU to Lync.  But calls from Lync to the MCU fail.  The VCSC that the Codian is registered to shows "Unsupported Media Type" in the Search History. 

Since the MCU does not have the encryption license key, we have defined a subzone on the VCSC that is set to "force encryption" and the MCU is in this subzone.  Any ideas on what might be taking place here?

We currently have a static route on Lync for '' that routes to the Lync GW VCS.  A search rule then sends calls to that domain to the VCSC.  The routing seems to be working fine, as the call is hitting the MCU.  The MCU is registered with SIP and '' for the domain.                 

Martin Koch

I am not sure where you are located, but as you run encryption on the VCS and Lync it should not be

an encryption restricted country anyhow, so you should not have a hard time to get the 0$ option

for the encryption key which I would recommend anyhow.

The microsoft media encryption is different from what cisco uses, so if you want to have the VCS to do

the magic you would need the enhanced collaboration key on your lync gw vcs or you would need to

allow non encrypted media on lync.

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