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Matt Crosby

Cold Transfer on EX90

I am running an EX90 (Software version: TC6.2.0.20b1616) and UCM (9.1.2).

I have my EX90's registered to the UCM and they only have local extensions. When I receive a call, I would like to be able to transfer the call to another number WITHOUT having to wait on the called extension to answer (unsupervised transfer/cold transfer).

Is this possible? So far, I have only been able to use the "complete transfer" option that appears once the called party answers.

Thanks in advance,


Matt Crosby

To be a little more clear, when I use the transfer option, it allows me to dial the other party.

It will then give me the option for "complete the transfer" but will not let me select it.

It looks sort of greyed out but I can't really tell.

Once the distant party answers, it allows me to select the complete transfer option.


I believe that the "Blind Transfer" of call before the 2nd parrty answers is just bad telephone practice

Cisco is preventing the transfer from completing until the answer supervion is recieved over the PRI or SIP trunk

To me as an old Telephone guy, this is telecom 101.... If they allow the transfer before the 2nd party answers, you are opening yourself up to hung trunks and calls in limbo.

Technology cannot fix people problems...   I  would not want to be transfered to limbo so I'm glad Cisco does not allow that.

End of ol Phone guy rant....


I am more than aware of this and agree 100%. However, I am paid to make it work the way they want it, not lecture them.

I never intended to lecture, it is always an awkward conversation with a customer when you tell them that it does not work the way you want for a good reason, I would be surprised if Cisco changed this behavior

Good luck with this.... I feel for ya

Any solution for this? The function works great from all other Cisco Endpoints/Phones. Calls can be transferred as intended.

For juriss - Even trying to politely ask a person if they would like their Voicemail doesn't work...You have to wait for the voicemail to answer and then transfer/cut them into a voicemail that has already started.


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