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Conductor Syslog Issues

Hi All

Having an issue with the syslog server setup in a clustered Conductor setup.


Running Version 2.3


When I remove the syslog server address from the master, it stops sending logs to the syslog server. (as expected)
(maintenance -> logging)

When I remove the syslog server address from the secondary it continues sending logs to the syslog server. 

When I check the configuration it is not showing, yet the messages continue. 

We are getting flooded with (several every minute):

conferencefactory.switchboard: level="INFO" Event="A management request has been received."Command="device.query" Requester_(VCS/Unified_CM/client)_




I have noticed in the primary when I change the syslog servers that in the event log is an entry:


management: Level="INFO" Detail="Updating syslogd configuration file" Filename="/tandberg/persistent/syslog-ng.conf" 

However, this entry is not appearing in the secondary conductors event log when I edit the syslog servers, this makes me think the configuration file still has the address listed.



Is this a known bug? 

I logged in as root user and I can see that /tandberg/persistent/syslog-ng.conf has not been changed from when it was first set.

Any help is greatly appreciated. 


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