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Conference routing unsuccessful


I created a recurring meeting with 2 participants via outlook and I receive a mail saying that “due to limited routing resources, automatic routing could not be set up for your conference. (See screenshots below).

The only way I found to see the exact reason of this failure was the following: I tried to add the mcu manually in this meeting and receive a pop up saying no routing resource available on date/time.  

My question is: Is there another way to see such kind of errors? (Maybe somewhere in the logs?)

Thanks smiley




Due to limited routing resources, automatic routing could not be set up for your conference. Any external dial-in/out participants added to the conference will not be connected.

To ensure that the conference will connect and that routing resources are available, contact your videoconference administrator.

There are not enough resources available to host this conference at the desired time. Reschedule the conference at a different time, or remove some of the participants.




A meeting has been saved for the systems listed below. The meeting must be manually initiated by the participants, as no routing resources have been booked.






Does anybody have any idea?

Steve Kapinos
Cisco Employee

Start by trying to book the same two participants in TMS and see what happens.

If two participants can not be booked together in a Point to Point call, then that means TMS can not find a compatible call choice between them.  This could be to things like

- having the scheduled call settings disabled for the required protocols (see bottom of edit settings for each system)

- the endpoints not having bandwidth, aliases, or register status in TMS (depending on the endpoint type, most of these are automatic and follow the endpoint's values)

- there not being compatible protocols enabled between the two (one has ISDN, the other only has H323, and no gateway definitions, etc)

- check for any TMS diagnostics messages on either system (view the system in system navigator)


Tell us what kind of endpoints they are, what protocols you have enabled in the endpoints, what they are registered to, and if you have any gateway stuff setup in IP zones.


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