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Walkthrough Wednesdays
Aman .

Confused with the results in my lab . someone please explain.

i have a cucm (version 7.1.5) on a MCS server CUCM_PUB ( connected to switch in vlan 61 . a phone registered with it is phone C (1000)

i have a router H_MGCP connected to switch in vlan 61 . which is  an mgcp router controlled by CUCM_PUB . EIGRP is enabled.

I have a router B_CME connected to switch in vlan 62 .it also has a serial link to H_MGCP.     this router is a CME . a phone registered with it is phone B (4000). EIGRP is enabled.

The switch has inter vlan routing enabled .

2 gateways are registered in CUCM_PUB .

one of them is MGCP gateway H_MGCP.   status (registered)

other one is H323 gateway B_CME .

there is  a dial peer in B_CME:

dial-peer voice 1 voip

destination-pattern 1...                                             (to phone C)

session-target ipv4:

CUCM_PUB has a route pattern 4XXX pointing to B_CME.                                       (to phone B)

call is going from phone C to phone B . but call is not going from B to C .

all gateways , CUCM , switch ... are able to ping each other .

traceroute from B_CME to CUCM_PUB ....shows result that packet is going via H_MGCP (due to EIGRP's path selection)...although it can directly go via switch also.

traceroute from CUCM_PUB to B_CME ....shows result that packet is going  via H_MGCP (due to default gateway in CUCM_PUB is H_MGCP)...

what i did : created a static route on B_CME .. to reach CUCM_PUB (61.1) hop address ..switche's IP address (for vlan 62) .

result : CALL from C to B as well as from B to C successful .

can someone please explain why call was not going from B to C via H_MGCP ??

according to 'someone' .. in case of call originating on B_CME ...  the CME searches an ethernet path ... whereas the Path to CUCM_PUB learnt by B_CME is through serial port . so call fails.  I am unaware of this , so i got more confused . someone please help .

Sorry for no screenshots ..but i guess i explained the problem .

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