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Content Displaying in the video window ONLY sent/received by a Polycom HDX unit in the call.

We have about 18 Polycom HDX units throughout our system, and every time we connect them in a call, they receive and send content in the video window.  This obviously results in unreadable content and frustrated users.


We have reached out to Cisco, Polycom, and our Cisco dealer for support but have received no help in the past week.


"presentation video channel operations" is currently set to "allowed", and we do not have the issue when content is shared between other units.


Are we missing something simple? Replacing all of the HDX units is not an option.... yet....

Rising star

I don't believe H.239 is enabled by default on HDX's - you'll need to enable it. 


A little history - PictureTel (which was acquired by Polycom) developed People+Content (the ability to send a second video channel for presentations) around the same time Tandberg developed the same functionality they called "DuoVideo". These were similar but not compatible. Over time a standard for this was developed called H.239, and both adopted it, but neither initially enabled it by default. When Cisco video endpoints or MCU's determine (from the CAPS exchange) that the far end doesn't support H.239 (or BFCP if SIP), it will combine the video and content into one stream as you're seeing, so I'm guessing that's your problem. Also make sure you update your HDX's to whatever the latest code rev was, if you haven't already. 

Wayne DeNardi
VIP Advisor

As @PJMack said, you need to make sure you have H.239 enabled on your HDX.

This is found in the web interface under Network, Call Preference.  Put a tick in the H.239 tick box.

Also, as @PJMack mentioned, for best compatibility, make sure you are running up to date software on the HDXes as there have been many compatibility fixes (and some critical security vulnerabilites addressed in the later versions).  The current firmware version for the HDX at the date of this post is 3.1.13.

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