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CTMS 1.8 native interop with C, EX series, Movi endpoints

Hello all,

after being amazed and astonished of the fact that Cisco finally came out with native interop support between CTS and C, EX, Movi endpoints I stumbled upon a brick wall with CTMS native interop.

For every call from a C, EX, or Movi endpoint, the CTMS returns an


12/13/2011 06:31 PMALARM_CCS_MEDIA_TIMEOUTERRORCCSCall Disconnected: Media Timeout, Directory Number :: 908, StreamType ::  STR_TYPE_AUDIO9100000697908

Ensure that SIP trunk and endpoint configurations are correct, Collect CTMS  and CTS logs.

The log gest very technical here, but essentailly I get the same error for each try.

Any ideas ?


Accepted Solutions


This corresponds to the info in the CTMS 1.8 release notes found here:

The E20, Movi or Cius endpoints are not yet listed as supported endpoints.



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Nick Halbert-Lillyman

Are your C/EX series upgraded to TC 5? They need to be in order to work.

In addition, CTMS has an option in it where it can support CTS endpoints from version 1.8 and below or alternatively support ONLY CTS 1.8 in addition to TC 5 endpoints.  You need to enable the second option.

Lastly, I wasn't aware that it supported Movi (although CTS direct dial to Movi should be fine).

My understanding is this - CTS version 1.8 introduced SIP support to CTS endpoints, while TC5 indroduced TIP support to EX/C series endpoints (where they only supported SIP/H323 before).  So CTS can direct dial other SIP endpoints, but CTMS only supports TIP so that's why you need TC5.

Lastly, I think maybe you need the EX/C series registered to CUCM (or at least using SIP?) but I'm not sure on that one.

First of all, it is nice to see someone dared to tackle this issue.

If I get the obvious out of the way, being that all Cs, and EXs are running TC5, CTSes 1.8, CUCM 8.6.2, CTMS 1.8, and interop is enabled for default meetings only one comment and question remain.

CTS endpoints always supported SIP, that was their signaling protocol from the very beginning.

For video multiplexing, initially called MUX, or TIP now, it is only a Cisco way to deal with video coming out of more than one segment, muxing it, and needing to be sent to other CTSes or segments. The fact behind CTMSes power of switched video, and not decoded/transcoded/transrated video as other "proper" MCUs.

I think that having Cs and EXs registered to the VCS or CUCM is not important, there is trunk with proper SIP security profile, and SIP profile with applied normalization script in between.

The question might be what needs to be changed and configured on the trunk between the CUCM and CTMS, if anything, and if this direct call scenarion is even supported ?

TC5 endpoints all return No incoming video, when calling the CTMS, and Movi goes thru few states, Far end camera on, Far end camera off, before disconnecting the call.

While CTS endpoints always supported SIP, it was only as of version 1.7.4 that they could have SIP video calls with non-CTS endpoints without the need for additional infratructure such as CUVC or TP server.

In my experience, I've never really had to change anything from the defaults when configuring a SIP trunk to CTMS (other than SIP profile and SIP trunk security profile).

The only thing I've ever had to change was between TCP and UDP on the SIP profile (or SIP trunk security profile? I can't remember) and then change the corresponding setting on CTMS.  Note that I had two seperate CUCM clusters both with CTMS, for some reason one only worked on TCP, the other only worked with UDP.

The only other thing I can think of would be region/bandwidth settings - do the TC5 endpoints and CTMS have sufficient video bandwidth allocated to each other in their respective regions?

Arun Kumar
Cisco Employee


Make sure your endpoints are running TC5 and Minium bandwithd (Default call rate) configured needs be >= 2.25Mbps and your CTMS should be 1.8 and above.

Give a try and let me know if any issues.


Arun Kumar

Hi Arun,

I did some additional testing today, and found out the following:

- TC5 endpoints do connect to the CTMS at any bandwidth setting

- Cisco E20 cannot connect to the CTMS, No Incoming video error

- Movi endpoints cannot connect to the CTMS, No Incoming video error

- Cius does not connect to the CTMS, Not enough bandwidth error, althogh video bandwidth for the region is set to max




This corresponds to the info in the CTMS 1.8 release notes found here:

The E20, Movi or Cius endpoints are not yet listed as supported endpoints.



Hi Johan,

I am afraid you are right. For Movi and TE it is just not supported. I am a little bit crossed about the Cius though. Thank you very much.




I've tried to join to CTMS 1.8 static meeting from  Profile 42 C40 (with ext 30003), but it doesn't get any video. From CTMS log, there is  ALARM_CALL_FAILURE :

Call dropped.  Meeting: 9064797157.  Call number 30003 ended with message: NO_RESUME.

Does anybody have any idea?


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