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Luke Sykes

CTS 3000 - Hand-off a participant to the main codec when a second participant disconnects

Good Afternoon

We have a  CTS 3000 system at our head office in Slough, and we were wondering if there is any way of a second participant being handed off yo the main codec when the first participant disconnects?



The first meeting we had was a TP call with Madrid and Madrid appeared in the centre screen.  Just before this meeting was due to end the next meeting (Netherlands) came onto the same call and appeared on the right hand screen.  So far so good!  Then Madrid disconnected from the call as their part of the meeting had finished which left Slough and Netherlands on the call, however the people from the Netherlands remained on the right hand screen and didn't move into the centre screen.  So the left and centre screen were blank. 

Is there any way in the future of moving the person to the centre screen without them disconnecting and reconnecting?  As this is what we’re having to do at the moment to shift the person back to the centre screen.  I hope this makes sense!


Kind Regards


Luke Sykes

Logicalis Support Desk

Jonathan Robb
Cisco Employee

Hi Luke,

Just to get a better sense here of what is going on - I assume you are using a Telepresence Server to host this call as a conference, is that correct?   Then, another endpoint joins this conference and there are three endpoints in it. the 2nd endpoint leaves the conference and we are left with endpoint one and three, with endpoint three displaying on the right hand screen.

Are you using TMS or CTS-Manager to schedule conferences, or just joining the conference manually?

- Jonathan


Thanks for your reply Jonathan

We have a virtual meeting room set up on the Telepresence Server that each site dials into. Otherwise calls are set up on CTS-Manager I believe.

Kins regards


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