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fei he

CTS 3200 1.7.1 // Audio distortion at remote end via audio cable for Shared Presentation cable


I have a client report thated Audio is distorted at remote room while Audio cable ( for shared presentation cable) is plugged into local PC during presentation. Local user is playing vedio from PC, somehome, the audio of vedio played at remote room is distorted, aduio quality is really bad.

Client tried to user different PC and also replicate to multiple TP room but issue persists.

Not sure how the Shared presentation cable connects at primary codec end.

Any idea what could possible to cause such issue???

CTS spec as below:

Product Ver  : CTS 1.7.1(4864) P1

CTS 3200

The VGA and Audio cable for Shared Presentations as attached.

Rafal Szeremeta
Cisco Employee

Hello Fei He

I will try help you with that one. Can you answer following questions?

Is that happening during P2P and multipoint calls?

All CTS's are on same version 1.7.1(4864) P1? What version of CUCM?

How about if you try share presentation locally, without making call?

Thank you


Hi Rafa

Thx for helping out.

Basically issue is happening for both p2p and multipoint calls.

All involved CTS are on same version of 171(4864), CUCM version is, CTMS involved is

I am going to try a test call tomorrow night with presentation locally, i will update you how will it go.



Hello Fey

I think this may be related to high volume being played on the laptop.

This may cause issue with AEC.

Can you test will lower volume on the laptop. Also you can try disable AEC and see if that make any difference:

From CLI:

set audio aec disable

utils service restart Calling_Services

Thank you


Hi Rafal

Unfortunately I dont see "set audio" command on current version.

Is there any other way you could disable AEC?



Hi Fei

There is option in device profile on CUCM. Also from CLI please try enter advanced mode first:

admin:Adv Mode

Entering Advanced User Mode

admin:set audio aec disable

  AEC support state changed to disabled

You will need to restart calling services to have this take effect

This can be done with the command:

"utils service restart Calling_Services"

Thank you


Hi Rafal

Referring your quote "How about if you try share presentation locally, without making call?" .  i can confirmed that audio is play perfectly locally wihout making call.

regarding set audio aec disable command, whether this need to apply to both CTSs involved in TP call?

Hello Fei

You need to apply it on the remote system experiencing problem.

Also before doing that I would try with volume turn down as most likely that is the problem.

Thank you


Hi Rafal

We had DVIA-VGA cable replaced and ran test call on Cisco FE's labtop, works fine. (I had not disable AEC on both ends.)

But as soon as user plug audio cable into his work labtop (aged HP), issue is repeating.

For me, this more looks like audio jack compatible issue. I did some research but did not dig any useful information.

Are you aware of any compatible recommendation from Cisco for CTS 3200 for audio jack?


Hello Fei

I though problem was tested on several laptops & systems?

If issue happen only with this HP I would say there is definitely issue with laptop.

CTS was tested with Lenovo, Dell, Mac, HP, so shoudnt be issue there from TP side.

I'm not aware about any list of recommended laptops.

Did you try with different laptop? Can you tell me exact model of customer's HP?

Thank you


Hi Rafal

We did test on several laptops (for saying that as all testing labtop are provided from client site ).

I will provide the HP model failed with testing later.


Hi Rafal

There is something else I want to make it up.

When end user plug audio in with old HP, audio is played locally and remoted simutinously and audio distorted at remote. But when Cisco FE plug in with his laptop, audio is not heard locally and everything work just as fine.

I have question, when audio cable is plug in and start to share vedio presentation, whether audio will be play local as well?? As we have 2 different test result here.


Haydn von Imhof

I am having this same problem with my TX9000.

When sharing presentation locally in the room the presentation audio in the room is fine but when shared with remote participants the audio is extremely high and just distorts.

Hello Haydn

Did you try adjust volume and see if disabling AEC makes any difference? What about testing with different model of the laptop?

Thank you


I did found similar post with document from David:

Can you try mute microphones on both ends and play audio from presentation?


In your case I think remote microphones are muted so you don't hear presentation audio coming back to you.

Thank you


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