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CTS to Polycom Telepresence using Polycom Infrastructure


I am trying to determine how to successfully connect a CTS system (TX9000, CTS-1300, T3) to a Polycom Telepresence device using Polycom infrastructure.  I have got this interop to work using the Interop key using a TPS and Cisco infrastructure.  I am trying to see if there is any working model/documentation using Polycom infrastructure only.

Note: I already have what Polycom says is required. MPMX cards, TIP keys etc.  I am just trying to figure out what needs to be in place along side all that on the Cisco side.  (Polycom cannot give me a clear answer on this. They just say it should work)

Thank you.


CTS to Polycom Telepresence using Polycom Infrastructure

It sounds like you have a RMX with the correct card.  Is there a DMA in this environment?

What versions of CTS and CUCM are you using?

Do you have HDXs in your environment?  If so, are they registered to CUCM or DMA?

Have you reviewed this document?




CTS to Polycom Telepresence using Polycom Infrastructure

Thank you fro your response. Currently right now I have all our CTS gear registered to CUCM. A T3 registered to VCS, and Polycom OTX,ATX registered to a CMA.

8.5.1. CUCM

1.8.2  CTS 1300

4.2     T3

3.0.4   OTX

5.5..0  CMA

I am just trying to get the concept together of what is needed so that I may set this up to work for testing purposes. 

Thanks for your time on this matter.


CTS to Polycom Telepresence using Polycom Infrastructure

If you do not have a DMA, you should register the OTX and ATX to CUCM as the SIP registrar.  You can leave the H.323 side registered to CMA if you want to use it for management purposes.  You will need to use SIP when calling CTSs so you can use TIP.

Upgrade your HDX codecs to 3.0.5.  Your CUCM and CTS versions should work.

Set up a normal SIP trunk in CUCM and point it to the RMX's signaling IP address (not the management address).  Make sure that the trunk classifies the calls as "OnNet".  This is not the default so you will have to set it in the trunk config.

You will need to point the RMX to CUCM.  Under IP Network Services, under SIP Servers, type in the IP address of the CUCM Publisher under Server IP Address and Server Domain Name.  Also use the IP address as your outbound proxy server.  Make sure your Transport type is TCP (not TLS).  The SIP Server Type is Generic.

In the RMX conference profile, set the Line Rate to 4096.  Under Advanced, you should have a "TIP Compatibility" field.  If you don't, you're having a license issue.  Set the field to "Video and Content".

Your meeting rooms need to correspond to the CUCM route pattern.  For example, in CUCM you could point 5555X to the RMX.  Your meeting rooms should use IDs in the 55550 to 55559 range.

Thanks, Jeff


CTS to Polycom Telepresence using Polycom Infrastructure

Thanks I will give that a shot. 

Just to clarify though there is no way to make this happen without building some sort of relationship with the Polycom infrastructure to the CUCM? Ultimately i just want to see these two work together but it would be even better if it could happen ad hoc without any relationship. Kind of like when i use the TPS to interop I can just call into the VCS and it routes the call for me. No relationship needed.

VIP Advisor

There's some documentation

There's some documentation over on the Polycom forums about integrating the Polycom and Cisco UC environments that may assist - see

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I have this working. CUCM 8.6

I have this working. CUCM, DMA 6.0.6, RMX 2000, TX9000,  CTS 3000 and CTS 500 are all able to call into the RMX using VMR's created on the DMA or dialing the MCU Prefix+ Conference ID on the RMX. Using the MLA tool to adjust the layouts. and it seems to work fairly well. Using the guide mentioned previously is the best step. You need to make sure the enterprise parameters on the CUCM are in line to not request unusual bandwidth from the DMA as DMA will reject calls. But after a few hiccups on my end and trying a few different settings this seems to work fine. I don't have any HDX systems with the TIP key installed so pt to pt between HDX and CTS/TX systems are not functional yet. But pt to pt between a C90 registered on the DMA and CTS systems works as well.


HI , Could you share with me

HI ,


Could you share with me 
1. what was your set up . Was OTX registered to DMA and t3 to VCS 
2. Was it a point to point call
3. i believe the interop key was installed on cisco mSE server ?
4. were all the 3 screens on both T3 and OTX fired .
It will be great if you can help me with the same as i have to do similiar testing 
Thanks and Regards
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