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CTS1300 - Display error (no image)

Hi all,

I have a problem with a CTS1300 system.

Since a few days, the screen stopped working. Everything else works fine (i.e lightshroud, microphones, camera's).

If I make a call to another unit, the call is established, the audio is good and the other party can see me. I can hear them, but I can't see them. If I share a presentation, they can see it, but I can't. If I turn on the Self View option, the light shroud turns on, but the screen stays black. Even while booting, I can't see the Cisco logo, current version or IP Address information.

I checked the display and I can see a red LED blinking (on the middle bottom of the screen itself). Maybe this should stay lit instead of blinking?

I checked the power cables, but these look fine. I turned everything off (lightbox, codec, display with on/off button) en started everthing up again.... no result. I don't think I need  to change the powercord for the TV, because of the blinking LED (it has power).

**Update: I used a different power cable that is plugged directly into the walloutlet, but still the same issue..

Maybe you have another suggestion?

Current software version of this unit is CTS.1-7-1-4864R-K9.P1 and CUCM version 7.1.5.




Hey Michael.

This issue sound with plasma or HDMI cable.

Please check  :

Hdmi cable should get connected  to plasma as attached in pic,

plug to correct port.

Else please replace this HDMI cable .

If you still have this issue please open case with Telpresence Tac team.

SO we can run some more diagnosis from codec CLI.

Opning tac case:

(1) Email

(2) Phone

North America: 1-800-553-2447


Jan Straka

Hello Michael,

can I ask how you fixed your issue with CTS-1300 main plasma display? Did you replace the whole main plasma display?

We are facing exactly the same issue in one of our TelePresence rooms.

From time to time TP codec loses connection to the main plasma display as it can be seen from "show hardware video" command output below. Participants then report that they cannot see any video on the main display.

The only workaround which we know is to hard-reboot (unplug/plug the power cable) the main display or the whole system. Then display is detected and video can be seen but after few days issue re-appears.

admin:show hardware video

     Display Serial Number     : INFO:Display is disconnected

     Display Hardware Version  : INFO:Display is disconnected

     Display Model             : INFO:Display is disconnected

     Display Boot Code Version : INFO:Display is disconnected

     Display App Code Version  : INFO:Display is disconnected

With assistance with Cisco TAC we have replaced the HDMI cable between codec and main display and power cable between PDU and main display but so far with no luck.



Hi Jan,

Do you have any TAC case opened currently? if not please let me know the previous one, I'll look into the logs.



Hello Arun,

yes, we have ongoing TAC case 618479767 for this issue. You can check but there is a lot to read

Actually there is an action plan for tommorow to check main plasma display status LED in various situations.

Unfortunatelly there is a big problem with local support guys as they don't know TelePresence at all and it is a big problem to explain to them what we need to check. Last time when we wanted them to check display status LED they entered the room and completely rebooted the system as they knew from the past that it will fix the issue. They didn't check the LED at all. Obvously the issue was temporarily fixed but we were at the beginning.

Right now the issue re-appeared again so hopefully tommorow we will finally have the LED status of the display from local guys.

I have one question regading this main plasma display status LED. I didn't find any notice about this LED in documentation so I would appreciate very much if you can share some info about this with us.

Basically what I'm interested in are these questions:

1. what's the LED behaivor during normal operation

2. what's the LED behavior when error is detected

3. is there only one or more error states which this LED can indicate?

4. if there are more error states of the main display can you please briefly describe them? what  does they mean and which error/component they indicate?

I would appreciate very much if you can answer those question as it would be very helpful for me in supporting TP in our company.


Hi Jan,

I created a TAC case and told the engineer what happened. He told me that the LED on the screen blinks in a certain order when there is a problem (normal behaviour is GREEN and not blinking). There are a few orders and the TAC engineer gave me the examples.

We found out that the power supply unit in the display itself was malfunctioning and had to be replaced. So we did and the problem was solved.

I think the blinking order I had was 1x Green,  6X Red. But I'm not sure anymore.

Just ask the TAC engineer which LED blinking orders there are.

Good luck!

Best regards,


Hello Michael,

thanks for the info. This is very helpful information.

Actually we have 1x Green and 3x Red so I guess it is different error. Unfortunatelly TAC engineer assigned to our case was not able to explain to us what actually error represented by this sequence is. Anyway we have agreed with TAC to replace the main plasma completely.


Hi Jan,

I'll watch this case.

Here are some of the LED status:

Error/Status            LED Color/Blinking                    Trouble

Normal Mode               Green

Standby Mode             Orange

Suspend Mode            Orange

Bad Power Supply       Green 1 time, Orange 7 times          Main Board

Fan                            Green 1 time, Orange 2 times          Fain Failure

Temperature SOS        Green 1 time, Orange 1 time            High temperature indicator

Configuration SOS       Orange 1 time, Green 9 times          Panel module ( D Board )

Please let me know if you need any other info.

Hello Arun,

thank you very much. It is very useful information. Appreciate very much.

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