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Customize Touch 10 Panel

I have SX and MX devices on the CE 8.1.0 software and was wondering if it is possible to customize the touch 10 panel. I would like to add our company logo to the touch panel or add a different background on it.


It's not possible to

It's not possible to customize the Touch 10 pages to add company logos or backgrounds etc.  The only customization that can be done at the time is adding In-Room Controls to control third-party room functions such as shades or lights for example, refer to the CE8 Release Notes for more information regarding that feature.



How is it now with CE8.2...?
any time if the customer loads up his company wallpaper he gets a message on the Touch 10.

'The system was unable to load the custom wallpaper.
Please uplaod a different wallpaper.'

So, obviously there should be some format which the Touch 10 would also accept.

Does someone know what is expected?

thanks a lot


What format and size is the

What format and size is the image you uploaded to the endpoint, can you upload a copy of it here to the forums?


here you are :)

here you are :)

that index.png was the downloaded screenshot from the Touchpanel.

the osd.png is the screenshot from the OSD (normal VC Screen)

the x250...jpg is the menu where i took the pictures from

and last the image itself

(but it is the same with any picture we have tried)



ps: i mean, they 'default' pictures also must have some they are well shown on any touch panels....

I was able to load your image

I was able to load your image to an SX80 without issue, but it appears the Touch 10 defaults to a blank blue wallpaper when a custom wallpaper is selected.  I was thinking it could be the image, but I couldn't replicate the error message you're getting.

Is this happening on one or many endpoints, what are the endpoints?

Have you tried to Factory Reset the Touch 10?


Re: I was able to load your image

I have noticed the touch panel just shows a blue background when a custom wall paper is set to display, but the file upload page does say Custom wallpapers do not apply to touch panels".

More serious is the custom wallpaper on the main sx20 screens hides any notifications of upcoming meetings, there does not seem to be a way to have both the custom wallpaper or the message notifications. 

This is on ce 8.2.2 


Re: I was able to load your image

When you use custom wallpapers, the large clock and list of upcoming meetings will be removed from the display, you'll need to use one of the factory wallpapers if you want either of these to be seen.

Re: I was able to load your image

Hi Patrick, thanks for the response. This is unfortunate as we have a relay agent which pushes meeting info to the room system, having this on display on the main screen is useful. 

I'm surprised that just changing the background image stops overlays of text info.


I don't suppose you know if the later firmware allows this?





Re: I was able to load your image

This applies to all software versions and always has.
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