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CUVA interop via MCU 3515 to CTS 500 not working cannot see CUVA on CTS

We've registered MCU3515 (ver 5.7) both port including EPM to CM successfully and allocated MCU resources to the endpoint

we can also place a call from CUVA (ver 2.2 /w cipc 7.0.6) to -> MCU it get connected

and we place another call from CTS500 (ver 1.6) to -> CTMS (ver 1.7) -> MCU it can get connected also

the problem is upon connection:

CTS500 cannot see CUVA

but CUVA can see remote CTS500

according to the doc below (Figure 2), it said CUVA will send as CIF to MCU, and CTS will send as 4CIF to project CUVA on Telepresence screen

but we cannot see CUVA camera input on the CTS500 output (Telepresence screen)

any idea what could be wrong? is the CTS500 suppose to see CUVA?

this is the so-called point to point but is via CTMS and MCU so it suppose to work right?

when i place another call from a 2nd CTS500 to CTMS to MCU, both 1st and 2nd CTS500 can see each other, CUVA can also see the remote CTS, the problem is CUVA cannot be display on CTS500 (even though CUVA can see CTS on the pc, but CTS cannot see CUVA on the plasma screen when CUVA is the active speaker, CTS cannot see CUVA),  anyone know what's wrong?


I've upgraded CTS-500 from version 1.6 to version 1.7.2

but when place call still the same issue, CTS cannot see CUVA, but CUVA can see CTS.

I've attached screenshot for the various config 7x .jpg, please take a look.

CUVA is dailing to 11005 to MCU

CTS is dialing to 110001 via CM to CTMS and switch out to 11005 to MCU

and both CUVA  and CTS are able to land at the MCU successfully no problem, only thing is CUVA can see CTS, but CTS cannot see CUVA.

anyone knows what's wrong? is CTS suppose to see CUVA?

*above pic show CUVA can see CTS-500

*above pic show CTS-500 cannot see CUVA,

CTS-500 already dial successfully via CM to CTMS to MCU is connected, but CTS-500 cannot see CUVA, what's wrong?

not sure how you setup the MCU with CUCM

but it has to be used Not as conference Bridge but over SIP trunk

CUVA --- CUCM----SIP trunk--- MCU




- SIP Trunk to CUVC

- route pattern to CUVC that match the meeting Prefix in CUVC


- create static meeting with interop number 


- enable SIP and add the CUCM as the SIP registrar

- add new,service make sure the service prefix same to the one used in the CTMS static meting interop section

if the above is ok then try to change the resolution from HD1080 to somthing lower in the static meeting


Thanks Marwanshawi for the checklist.

quick check, in addition to 2x sip trunk, MCU also got to register to CM via SCCP.

if not when I place call from CUVA I cannot see CTS from CUVA

once I registered MCU to CM via SCCP, I can see CTS from CUVA. but the problem is CTS cannot see CUVA.

I already verified I've 2x SIP Trunk configured on CM pointing to CTMS and MCU, my configuration (see attached .jpg) call flow as follow:


CUVA call 110001 to CM->SIP Trunk->MCU

CTS-500 call 11005 to CM->SIP Trunk -> CTMS (match 11005 and interop to 110001) -> SIP Trunk -> CM -> SIP Trunk -> MCU


My CTMS I've also reduced resolution to 720.

and MCU I've Sip with Registra check box enabled, and SIP service is prefix 11000

I can dial successfully from CUVA all the way to MCU, and CUVA can see CTS.

I can also dial successfully from CTS all the way to MCU, my CTS screen display an open lock (see attached .jpg) upon connected and after a short while the open lock disappear and there's a small red dot (see previous posting for the red dot on cts lower left side of the screen) with blank screen any idea what does it means? problem is CTS cannot see CUVA upon connection.

I've attached all my config .jpg please take a look and let me know if you spot any issue with it.

Thanks and looking forward to hear from you again.

Is finally working now, after applying patch to upgrade CTMS from 1.7.0 to 1.7.2 and alias! now CTS can see CUVA! cased close

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