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CWMS: delays with connecting to meeting and screensharing

Hi all,


I'm installing CWMS (Cisco Webex Meeting Server) for a customer, but there is something strange going on. Let me explain the setup:

  • newly installed ESXi host on UCS220M5 server
  • ESXi host connected to vCenter
  • CWMS 4.0 micro system (50 user setup) installed without any additional servers (no IRP server)

When connecting a client through Chrome (login to user page, start meeting) it takes about 25 sec to have the meeting running. The webex client is shown (the popup) and freezes for a while and after those 25 sec, the meeting is there and I can connect the audio. Strange thing is... some client have this issue, some don't.


Also screensharing takes about 20 to 25 sec to start. You press the button and choose a screen to share, wait, wait, wait... and there it is shared. When pressing the screensharing button and choosing a screen to share, other members of the meeting can immediatly see someone is starting his screenshare (the see a blank window), but it takes those 20-25 seconds to have the image visable in the meeting. So the signal is given to the server that the screenshare is taking place, but the content takes much longer to be shown.


What we tried so far:

  • install CWMS on another host (same results)
  • use different clients and operating systems (same results)
  • connect the ESXi together with the clients to a dedicated switch completely out of the corporate network (same results)
  • install CWMS update 4.0MR1 (same results)

The enrolling of the server was pretty standard. I just enrolled the OVA, configured all parameters (IP, GW, DNS etc) and finished the installation just fine without any issue. I created the admin user, installed certificate and tested. This allready resulted to thes delays we are experiencing.


Anyone had this issue and was able to fix this?


Best regards,


Kor van Essen

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