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Fred Ambiso

Database size reserved for TMSNG &TMSPE in TMS 14.3

I would like to confirm the size of the database in TMS 14.3 reserved for TMSNG and TMSPE, for around 500 items in the navigator. Better yet, can you direct me to a manual/documentation referencing the same.

Martin Koch

I think I have never seen any official charts around the space utilization of the SQL db.

The biggest space will be allocated by the logging capabilities, so there would be the

question how many calls you have and how long you need to store all of the info in tms.

You find some minor info about the sql requirements here

But that will most likely not answer your question.

I would guess a 500 endpoints db can be in between 2 and 20.000 depending on that.

Though there is no realy limit upwards if you want to store everything for ever, ...

Most likely others have better numbers, if not ask your Cisco partner or Cisco Rep.

Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify helpful or correct answers.

Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

Keep in mind, two seperate dbs, i.e. one for TMS and one for TMSPE.

For the TMS db (tmsng), ditto what Martin says and that is somewhat covered in the latest and greatest install document (Disk space section, page 6):

As far as TMSPE db (tmspe), this database can grow but not at the same kind of rate that the TMS db does and especially not so if your only using TMSPE for the new Smart Scheduler (SS). If your using TMSPE for both SS and Provisioning, the provisioning part will obviously grow the db (e.g. user data, etc) but again, not at the sizes or rate of the TMS db...meaning the data contained in the TMSPE db is relatively small when compared to the TMS db.

Hope this helps.



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