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Delay with Webex Share Device

Hi All,


Wondering if anyone else has experienced a delay with the Webex Share devices, when sharing a presentation in a Webex meeting?


Local sharing (not in a meeting) seems to work fine - only when in a meeting do we encounter an issue.


Please note we are using Webex Desktop app to join meetings (not teams).




Re: Delay with Webex Share Device

With the desktop app, are the sites you are using linked to Control Hub?

I only have one share at the moment, but sharing from within a meeting is slower than locally, but only by a few seconds, but that seems expected to me, sharing from a web based content vs locally over proximity.

Re: Delay with Webex Share Device

Cloud-registered endpoint Proximity *always* sends media to the cloud. It does not send direct to the codec, Share or otherwise. What would be interesting here is how delayed the in-meeting content display on a Share is vs. other meeting participants. In other words, is the Share experiencing some unique/additional delay or is the Meetings platform imposing it across the board.

Re: Delay with Webex Share Device

Hi Jonathan,

Comparing to other participants, it's night and day. When the power point slide changes, my laptop / iphone / ipad all update pretty much straight away. Meanwhile the share starts to update about 5 secs after, but displays a mix of the current and next slide. After another 20secs, it eventually clears up to the slide it is meant to be on.

One interesting thing Ive seen however is that after I change the slide, if I continuously move my mouse around it will update much quicker on the share. Having the power point in non full screen mode seems to also help with the update time.

Re: Delay with Webex Share Device

Hey Mike,

Yep, our Webex site is linked to control hub - however administered through the Webex Administration Portal.
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