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Dialing external URI's from CUCM via VCS-C and VCS-E


Dear Experts,

how can I make a dial-rule for calls to VCS from CUCM? I mean, I can make a SIP Route Pattern with or *.com but

I would need a wildcard for all pattern. I tried to use *.* but this doesn´t work.

Do you have any pattern which is working?




Hi Klaus

I was told that *.* was a valid SIP route pattern

I have a setup like yours which I'm just starting to test but I can't see the call hitting the VCS-C.



so same to me - I don´t get any entry in VCS-C - so I think that *.* is not working at all - but I can´t

put in all possible domains like  *.com  *.eu *.net  and so on. So if you find a solution it would be very helpfull.

and if I make a pattern like it works - also *.com is working

just for information - I use CUCM version: System version:

Agreed.  I would like to be able to call any domain name suffix so listing all of them isn't scalable. 

just one more question regarding this - when put in a pattern like *.com and this works, it should also work with *.* isn´t it?

Do you have only the pattern *.* or do you have also some other pattern (even if they don´t match)?


I have test *.* pattern and works fine. I guess you need to review your misconfiguration somewhere else on CUCM. Enable traces and see what you discover in the logs. follow this document very carefully and you shall have a working SIP trunk

and another one - do you have also *.*.*  for maybe ?

you just need *.* which is wild card for everything.

one more thing, I haven't tested for this scenario

*.*.*  for

but this *.* worked for

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