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Do meetings scheduled in TMS inherit settings at that time?

We have a client that we have recently migrated from CTS-Manager and CTMS over to TMS and Conductor/TP Server.  Their previous system (CTS-Man) did not end meetings automatically at the end time, so to retain this functionality that they are now used to we have had to set the Conference Extension settings in TMS to automatically extend and to disable the resource availability check so that all meetings extend regardless of whether there is a meeting booked straight after or not.


they have recently had meetings that have ended automatically at the end time even though these settings havent changed and my question to the community is;


do the meetings in TMS inherit conference settings at the time of booking?  so if this meeting had been booked before we adjusted the settings mentioned above would this meeting keep those settings or do the settings apply to all meetings regardless of when they were booked??



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Conferences use the default

Conferences use the default settings when first booked, if those defaults have changed at some point after booking, you'll have to go back and edit all existing conferences that are scheduled and update them. 


Patrick, thanks very much for

Patrick, thanks very much for responding.  So would that include the Conference Extension settings?  When we did the original import of the meetings into TMS the extension settings were set to the default of Automatic Best Effort and Resource Availability Check on Extension - YES, but we then changed the Resource Availability Check on Extension setting to IGNORE so that all meetings would extend regardless.

do we now have to go and check/update all the imported meetings?



Sorry I wasn't clear in my

Sorry I wasn't clear in my first reply, the default settings I'm referring to are the conference extension mode you select when booking a conference, ie: None, Endpoint Prompt, or Automatic Best Effort.  If you change that default, you will need to update all existing scheduled conferences.  However if all you did was change the settings of how the Automatic Best Effort extends conferences, than that will take affect immediately for all conferences that use this mode.

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