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Downgrade Tandberg C20 from version tcnc5.1.3 to tc3.1.5


Equipment: Tandberg QuickSet C20 codec

I upgraded this codec from version 3.1.5 to version 5.1.3, but, unfortunately, I don't have a release key for this version or version 4.x.x (quaranty expired). I have got uploaded release keys for versions TC2, TC3.

Now, of course, Missing release key message appears.

I want to downgrade my Tandberg from version 5.1.3 to version 3.1.5 or 3.1.4 or 2.1.2 (I have release keys for this versions), but I can not do this.

When I trying to upload image (no matter how its named "s52000tc3_1_5.pkg" or "pkg") after some min. package-corruption error apears. As I understand file transfer even doesn't start (my PC doesn't send this  >100Mb package to codec).

When I try to downgrade it to version tcnc4.x.x this message appears (PC doesn't send this file too, 100Mb data package doesn't send):

"You lack a valid release key.

The system has valid release keys for TC2, TC3 and TC3, and you have uploaded TC4."

This is not problem with my browser or my PC (I tryed to upload this image-package to codec via web using another browser and another PC).

I tryed to upload this image (3.1.5) manually, but I can not connect to codec via WinSCP (root account enabled). Links to docs which I used: page 13 (tandberg endpoint technical handbook)

There are only 23 and 80 ports are availible (open) on this codec, there are not https and ssh (I couldn't find it in "xconfiguration networkservices".)

Can you help me downgrade this codec to version 3.1.5? maybe via tftp or cli from codec...

Marius Nedregaard
Cisco Employee


If you have a valid service contract, then you will be able to get the TC5 release keys for free by contacting Cisco. 

I see that you use 5.1.4TCNC and try to downgrade to 4.x.x TCNC, do you live in a country where encryption is not allowed? If you do not, then please download the TC 5.1.4 or TC.4.x.x and stay away fromt he TCNC versions.

If you do not have a vaild contract, and still wants do downgrade you can do this by using the DOCS you provided.

To activate root you can use this command from the admin CLI. ( Use putty, log in as admin, run the command)

systemtools rootsettings on


systemtools rootsettings on cisco123

This will enable the root account, with the given password (cisco123) .


Danny De Ridder
Cisco Employee


you seem the be mixing different releases here! TC and TCN are 2 different software packages. Latter does not have encryption, therefore no ssh!


xconfiguration //ssh   

*c xConfiguration NetworkServices SSH Mode: On

*c xConfiguration NetworkServices SSH AllowPublicKey: On

** end


So first you need to be certain whether you have keys for TCN or TC flavour. When TCN, you cannot use scp.

Rather than using the GUI to upgrade, you can also use the API and ftp. ftp does not use encryption, so should work with both TC and TCN.

Logon to the unit via telnet and user admin.

From API do :

xCommand SystemUnit SoftwareUpgrade URL: "ftp://drop/s52000tc5_1_0.pkg" UserName: "your_username" Password: ""

Here I load from an ftp server named drop where I need to specify my username and password.

Would that be an option for you? Use ftp server?


As i understand from descreption thic codec was upgraded from TC 3.1.5 to TC 5.x and after that your all attempt for upgrdae / downgrade is failed .

in this case you can try select software procedure , by doing this codec will boot with previous software image i.e TC 3.1.5

1. enable root account by following commnad .

systemtools rootsettings on

2. login to codec using root user

3.Execute the command: selectsw ,The Codec will now list the two images and tell you which one is active .

4. Check feedback and select image: selectsw image1(if feedback is “image2 [ACTIVE]

[SELECTED]”) or selectsw image2(if feedback is “image2 [ACTIVE] [SELECTED]”)

5. Reboot the system:  reboot

Kind regards,



that would be an alternative, but then I would recommend to check the versions first!

[EX90-PDIHD:/var/log/eventlog] $ cat /mnt/base/image1/version

TE7.0.0 PreAlpha7 f93604e 2012/10/02-15:45:40

[EX90-PDIHD:/var/log/eventlog] $ cat /mnt/base/image2/version

TC6.0.0 Beta9 f93604e 2012/10/02-15:46:39

[EX90-PDIHD:/var/log/eventlog] $

So you know "what's out there".

I logged in to Codec API with admin account:

xCommand SystemUnit SoftwareUpgrade URL: "ftp://drop/s52000tc5_1_0.pkg" UserName: "your_username" Password: ""

Unfortunately I can not use this command, because this command doesn't exist in the API, only following commands are avaliable


xcommand SystemUnit ?

xCommand SystemUnit OptionKey Add

    Key(r): < 16="">

xCommand SystemUnit ReleaseKey Add

    Key(r): < 16="">

xCommand SystemUnit ReleaseKey List

xCommand SystemUnit FactoryReset




So this command "xCommand SystemUnit SoftwareUpgrade" doesn't exist in API.

I tried to change image, but there is only one image (cann't change it):

[tandberg:~] $ selectsw


[tandberg:~] $

Here is a list with uploaded release keys:

xcommand SystemUnit ReleaseKey List

*r SystemUnit ReleaseKey 1 Version: "TC2"

*r SystemUnit ReleaseKey 2 Version: "TC3"

*r SystemUnit ReleaseKey 3 Version: "TC3"

** end

So, I upgraded Tandberg C20 to the version tcnc5.1.3:

xstatus SystemUnit Software Version

*s SystemUnit Software Version: "TCNC5.1.3.292001"

** end

And I want to downgrade it to the version TC3 or TC2 (because only this release key is uploaded).

Unfortunately I can not get release key for versions TC5 or TC4, because I don't have a valid service contract for this equipment (have not smartnet, have not warranty), but I have to bring this equipment alive).

We're a bit stuck here. I think that due to missing release key, we cannot use the SoftwareUpgrade command. Can you enable root using "systemtools rootsettings on" ? And then check if scp is available?

[EX90-PDIHD:/var/log] $ scp

usage: scp [-12346BCpqrv] [-c cipher] [-F ssh_config] [-i identity_file]

           [-l limit] [-o ssh_option] [-P port] [-S program]

           [[user@]host1:]file1 ... [[user@]host2:]file2

[EX90-PDIHD:/var/log] $

Justin Ferello

Two questions:

1) If he did an 'upgrade' why is there only one software image, the upgrade should have created a second image, right?

2) Can he not just use TFTP to reload the image?



Thank you,
Justin Ferello
Technical Support Specialist, ScanSource KBZ

tftp can be done from u-boot. Therefore one needs to have console access. If Konstantin has console access, that is indeed an option.

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