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Steve Deslandes

Dual Display Option on EX90

Hello! I have an EX90 with Dual Display option. I am trying to set it up to be able to see my FAR END site on my local EX90 monitor and my LOCAL site on my monitor connected to HDMI 1 Output. Somehow, I can only seem to be able to use the monitor on HDMI 1 output to be a presentation monitor. Am I missing something or is it possible that the HDMI 1 output on an EX90 can ONLY be a presentation montior and will never be able to show the far end site?


Cisco Employee

Hi Steve,

please make sure that the HDMI 1 is selected for monitor role second and internal monitor role as first.

Hi All

Can a Cisco EX90 monitor be used as a secondary PC monitor also

Thanks in advance

Can a Cisco EX90 monitor be used as a secondary PC monitor also

Yes, you can.  It's mentioned in the EX Series data sheet in Table 1, listed under "PC and second-source video input".  Refer to the EX90 Install Guide on pg 5, you would connect your PC to the HDMI Input, this would also allow you to share your computer screen to others during a video conference as well.

Marius Nedregaard
Cisco Employee


If you could provide me with what software you are using on your EX90, then I could look it up if there is any issues with the configuration you are trying to utlize.


The version I did my tests with was version TC5.1.0.

It seems that even if I set my HDMI output as mentionned above, it is doing the exact same thing. It doesn't seem to make any difference if I set my HDMI 1 output to either SECOND or PRESENTATION ONLY.

Marius Nedregaard
Cisco Employee

Hi Steve.

I have done some research for you.

HDMI output can only be used for presentations ( both far-end and local ). If you are having issues with showing presentations on the HDMI out screen then the "recommended" setting would be to factory reset your endpoint.

If you are known with the CLI, the commands below will also work.

xConfiguration Video Monitors: Dual



*c xConfiguration Video Output Internal 3 MonitorRole: First

*c xConfiguration Video Output HDMI 1 MonitorRole: Second

Execute these and you will have no trouble using your second screen for presentations.

Ps: remember that you need the dual display option key to make this work


Hello Marius,

I ran this by my customer and he says that the manual says otherwise. Customer was reading EX90 Admin Guide TC4.2 and here is what it says:

Video Output HDMI [1] MonitorRole

NOTE: Applies to EX90.

The HDMI monitor role describes what video stream will be shown on the monitor connected to the

video output HDMI connector. Applicable only if the "Video > Monitors" configuration is set to dual.

Requires user role: ADMIN

Value space:

First: Show main video stream.

Second: Show presentation video stream if active, or other participants.

PresentationOnly: Show presentation video stream if active, and nothing else.

So it does seem to state that the second monitor can be used for OTHER PARTICIPANTS if not showing presentations... Can you please verify?

Hi Steve.

Unfortunately there is an error in the EX90 admin guide. You will ONLY be able to use the second screen for presentations (both local and external),

The camera is locked to the primary monitor, and there is no way you can manipulate picture from the EX90 screen to the secondary screen.

I have had a chat directly with people in EX90 R&D team to confirm this.

So your customer is right on the point that it is included in the admin guide, but unfortunately the information is not correct.

There is "bugs" created on this error in the manual, but they are internal.  So unfortunately I am not able to get you any reference on this.

Sorry for this confusion



Thank you for your help Marius. Very much appreciated!

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