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Dual Presentación MX700

Hello, I would like to know how to use both screens MX700 for comparison of a presentation this out of a call. When I try to use a pc connected to hdmi and another to VGA let me just pick one or the other.

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Hello Vianyfel -What you're

Hello Vianyfel -

What you're seeing is correct,  you can only choose one source to display at any one time, you're not able to display two things separately to my knowledge.

In data sheet M700:  "Dual

In data sheet M700:



"Dual presentation outside of a call (increase usage of system outside of a call -use the MX700 dual screens to compare 2 presentations/documents)"

Hm, did not know that.  I

Hm, did not know that.  I looked over both the user and admin guides, and didn't see any reference on how to do this, so I'm not sure.


Hello, I opened a case in

Hello, I opened a case in Cisco I indicated the following:


The MX700 will support dual presentation outside of a call in TC7.3 ( which has not been released yet)

Hm, thanks for letting us

Hm, thanks for letting us know.

I checked the TC7 release notes and it doesn't mention dual presentation as a limitation or open caveat, maybe they should have if it wasn't available right now, but yet they're advertising the capability on the data sheet and other pages.

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