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Dual Quadcams? Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus

Hi there,


Has anyone ever connected two cisco quadcams to a single Webex Room Kit Plus?  

We have a wide, but shallow space where the 80 degree FoV of the Quadcam is not wide enough to capture the entire audience.


The client has suggested using two Quadcams...




Re: Dual Quadcams? Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus

I do not think this will work.  The Quad Cam need 2 HDMI connections and the Plus only has 2 input ports for video.

The Room Kit Pro might work but I am not sure that it would have things set to be able to switch cameras "intelligently" as Speaker track/presenter track are able to do.


Re: Dual Quadcams? Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus

The Webex Room Kit Plus combined with the Quad Camera uses a single HDMI connection as per the camera guide below:


Quad Camera and Webex Room Kit Plus.JPGPage 14, Cisco Camera Guide (D15296.08 Cisco Quad Camera, Precision 60, SpeakerTrack 60, and PTZ-12 Camera MARCH 2019)

The Webex Room Kit Plus admin guide states that the device can support up to two cameras - but doesn't state whether it could be another Quad Camera.


My assumption is that it's not going to work, but I need something more definitive in order to go back to the client.

Re: Dual Quadcams? Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus

No codec, including the Pro, supports more than a single Quad Cam Areay or SpeakerTrack 60. I’m afraid you will need to either pick a zone for coverage or use a Precision 60 camera from the corner to get an overview shot.

The only way to get multiple SpeakerTrack cameras is to have a second codec, configure one of the outputs to be the camera self view, connect that output to the input of the other/primary codec, and use a DSP along with an A/V controller to switch camera input selection on the primary codec based on which side of the room is talking. This is fairly common in divisible rooms but would be quite the hardware investment for a single static room.

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Re: Dual Quadcams? Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus

If you consider disabling speakertrack, dual quad cameras work just fine.

I have my training room setup with a codec plus and it has 3 cameras connected.  2 quad cameras and a P60.  With speaker track disabled, I am utilizing the video layout and Matrix commands to "stitch" the two quad cameras into a single image for a panoramic video layout, and the P60 is pointed at the front of the room with Presenter Track enabled.  If I did not have the P60, I would just leave the cameras as source 1 and 2.

However to get the audio to work on both, you would want to utilize the Line Out and a basic RCA cable to the Line In on the second quad camera.

Of course as I mention, this only works if you are ok with turning speaker track off on the quad cameras and accepting a single still image of the full room.
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Re: Dual Quadcams? Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus

Hello, do you know if by connecting two quad cams can i have speaker track enabled on one single quad cam?



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Re: Dual Quadcams? Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus

Speaker track does not work when I have both quad cameras active. Well it does, but it breaks the Matrix layout and stops sending the dual image. For that I have it disabled when both are in use together.
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