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Dual Video on Webex Room Kits


My question today is for the different version of roomkits, room kit pro, room kit plus and MX700.  Each of these have dual monitors.  These devices are all registered to webex portal hub.  Currently during a webex, the first monitor displays the far end video and the second doesn't show anything until you share content.


I have found the settings to manually set the output-monitor to "screen 1, screen 2, screen3, presentation only etc)  So playing with that I have found I can set both monitors to display far end video, but then you do not see screen sharing.


What I want to do, is when no screen sharing is happening, I want the far end video to duplicate on the second monitor, then when content sharing starts, the second monitor changes to that, then back to video when sharing ends.  


I would also love the ability on the touch 10 to have control to change what is on each monitor on the fly.  So if I decide to put the content on the first monitor and the video on the second, I can.


Is either of these request possible and if so, how do I accomplish this?  Reading through different guides and sites now and learned some, but not enough.


Thanks in advance,


Using both displays for video when content is not being shared is natively supported through the Multistream feature.
Assuming the Webex site hosting the meeting is on a current version and other meeting participants are sending Multistream video, the second display should show video. If this is not happening it may be worth opening a TAC case. Also verify Multistream is not disabled on the codec.
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