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Duplicate SIDS on Windows 7 breaks Jabber(Movi)

Douglas Baggett

Thanks to anybody who can offer some help....

Our imaging team forgot to run sysprep on Windows 7 cloned images prior to deploying about 1500 systems. Now Jabber (Movi) is having serious problems.

Is there a solution to fix this post imaging? Is there a way to change which registry key Jabber looks at for SID?



Hi Douglas,

What breaks Jabber Video? Does it crash or calls fail etc.? What is the serious problem?

How did the company roll out the images?

Are you referring to the registry entry "ClientId" (SID?)?

If so, the only way I can see would fix this, would be to create a script that would re-install the Jabber Video when the users log in to their accounts.

Hope this helps,


Hi Arne,

It's erratic, presence sometimes is not correct (people are logged off and appear online), calls only half work (one way video), directory searching does not work and in the TMS at the bottom where it shows the devices per user they show up as having no associated devices when they are successfully registered with the VCS.

Not sure if the "ClientID" is the Machine SID. As I understand it there is a domain SID and a Machine SID, Jabber uses the Machine SID.

Anthony Thomson

I would suggest you contact Microsoft and raise a ticket via your enterprise support agreement.  If this is truly the case that you have 1500 cloned machines that sysprep was not run on, then you potentially have a great deal more problems than simply Jabber not working.  This could be a lot worse than you think; you may need to do some scripting on those machines to reset their SID, but Microsoft will let you know what needs to be done after they verify that you do have a problem with duplicate SIDs.

HI Anthony, I'm fearing you might be correct. I've done some reading and it seems like the use of the Machine SID is not all that common anymore. I think what happened is that the Internal testing of Windows 7 did not show any problems becuase none of our other applications use the Machine SID for identification, but do use the domain SIDS.

It's quite a nightmare.

Hi Douglas

This will definately cause the symptoms you are seeing as TMS sees the Jabber ID as one device as the ID is the same on all the client computers. So when User 1 logs in it will become active, and then User 2 logs in, User 1 will become inactive where User 2 takes the active state , this will also affect the phonebook if you are importing devices as one phonebook entry will just jump from User 1 to User 2 as these entries are based on the unique devices linked to the specific user.

If User 1 and User 2 had two different ID's you would not see this "Device jumping" between users and its based on the SID of the client Windows install. So fixing the "mess" with the SIDS should resolve your jabber issue as well.


TAC gave me the key to change if you can't run sysprep and change the Machine SID.


You can change the registry that jabber looks at.

Inside of the registry, HKEY_USERS > S-1-5-21- > software >Cisco > JabberVideo there is a client-ID that is the same as the system's id. Changing this value will cause the movi device ID to change.


I've not tested this, but in case anybody else runs across this problem here it is.

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