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DX80 - Connecting to Web Interface and to TMS

I have a DX80 I'm trying to configure to send out to one of our exec. I currently have it sitting on my desk connected to our test WiFi that simulates working from home. The device is registered in CUCM via Expressway, and can make and receive calls. I have two issues.


- According to the Admin Guide, I should be able to access the device's web interface, but how? Trying the IP Address shows in About-General just times out, and the IP Address show in CUCM just takes me to the Expressway interface. Can anyone suggest how to connect to this?


- I also need to add the device to TMS so it can be utilised as an endpoint and access the phone book directory. It is listed in the Navigator's "Add from Unified CM or TMS", but when I try, it says I'm  using the wrong UserName/Password. Instead of the one I configured when I had it attached to the internal network, is it expecting the Expressway password? What's the correct way to hook it up? Trying to add via "Add by Address" doesn't work, as it's unable to see the IP Address the device thinks it has.

Patrick McCarthy
Cisco Employee

In your setup you have it setup in a simulated home office - so behind a firewall/router then, correct? If you are on the same subnet as the DX you should be able to get to it, but not if it's NAT'd behind a home router. You can try configuring the router to route inbound https traffic to the IP that the DX has - that might (should) work, haven't tried it. If that does work you might want to assign an address to the DX, if it's DHCP it will be subject to change otherwise. Assuming you are on the same network as TMS, your two problems are probably really the same issue. If my assumptions about your setup are incorrect please give more details. 

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