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DX80, MRA and Extension Mobility

Hi All,

We have successfully used MRA with a DX80 but are now wishing to also use Extension Mobility on these devices. Does anyone know if this is supported? Whilst the "EM" option appears within the Settings menu, it has an error that the server cannot be reached. Therefore, I assume it is not tunnelled through MRA properly.

Any thoughts appreciated.


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Hi David,As per the

Hi David,

As per the following


When using Expressway Mobile and Remote Access to connect to services from outside the corporate firewall, the client does not support:

  • LDAP for contact resolution. Instead, the client must use UDS for contact resolution.
  • File transfer, including screen capture, is not supported with on-premise deployments. File transfer using Expressway Mobile and Remote Access is only supported using WebEx Cloud deployments.
  • Desk phone control mode (CTI), including extension mobility.
  • Extend and Connect. You cannot use the Jabber client to make and receive calls on a non-Cisco IP Phone in the office; to control a non-Cisco IP Phone in the office, such as hold/resume; or control a home or hotel phone when connecting with Expressway Mobile and Remote Access.
  • Dial via Office – Reverse calls.


I could not find any specific info for DX series on latest version but this looks to apply to all clients. However, anyone else with different or additional info is welcome.



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David, how are you getting

David, how are you getting MRA to launch or connect from the Dx80?  Our environment is updated with all the supported code: CM, Expressway and DX firmware.  My Jabber client works with MRA, however I cant get this DX80 to even show me anything in regards to connecting via MRA.


What does it look like on the DX80? Did you have to press something in settings?


Thanks in advance






The documentation is pretty poor. The first step here is incorrect. The Product specific information field they are referring to is within the device itself. There is no Device>Device Settings > Product Configuration menu option.


Enable user Credential Persistence for Expressway

    Step 1  In Cisco Unified Communications Manager administration, choose Device > Device Settings > Product Specific Configuration.
    Step 2  Set User Credentials Persistent for Expressway Sign In to On.

    Convert a Device to Mobile and Remote Access through Expressway

    Before You Begin

    The device must have firmware 10.2(4) or later.

      Step 1  In the Settings application, tap More....
      Step 2  Tap Reset network settings.
      Step 3  Uncheck Enable automatic local telephony discovery and tap Reset. The network connection is reset. If the device is connected to a wired network, it will reconnect automatically. If the device is deployed wirelessly, you need to connect to a Wi-Fi network. When the device connects to a network, the Enter TFTP server screen displays.
      Step 4  Tap Expressway.
      Step 5  Fill in the Service domainUsername, and Password fields.
      Step 6  Tap Sign in.


      I've not yet made this work, waiting on a public Cert.



      We are running CUCM 10.5(1),

      We are running CUCM 10.5(1), and I uploaded the latest DX COP file, but I still don't see the "User Credentials Persistent for Expressway Sign In " option under my device.  Do we need to upgrade our CUCM? 


      Also, we have a split DNS scenario.  We address this for Jabber clients by setting the voice services domain in the Jabber config file to point to our internal DNS name.  How will this work with the DX80?



      Robbie, Could you set DX80



      Could you set DX80 for MRA?

      we have tried but no success up to now.







      Yes, our devices now connect

      Yes, our devices now connect over MRA (DX, 8800, 7800).  First question is does your Jabber Client work over Collab Edge\MRA?  If it does then I just followed the steps in the guide posted in this room:


      Then click on the link labeled "Convert a Device to Mobile and Remote Access through Expressway"  - This was my hang up, resetting network settings.  This forced the login for Expressway to come up.  Don't over look the link to launch the Collab Edge login, as its in small font size.




      Hi Robbie,Thanks foyour quick

      Hi Robbie,

      Thanks foyour quick response.

      Jabber VPNless works fine, I have also registered one  SX10 over MRA and works.

      I have checked the guide you showed but does not  comment any about certificates, do I need to load a certificate in DX80?

      My CUCM version is

      Other options e.g. User Credentials Persistent for Expressway Sign In  is not shown on device.






      Also check the certificates

      Also check the certificates on Expressway. You can refer on this discussion and issue have been resolved. The endpoint was DX70 and should work the same for DX80 in your case.




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