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DX80 not functioning as external monitor for Laptop

Dear All,

I have a DX80, CE Software Revision  ce 9.13.0 cf2befca38d 2020-05-06

I am trying to use the device as an external monitor via the HDMI port available on the device. I made sure that the HDMI cable (I have tried multiple cables, all working with other monitors) is attached to the correct port on my DX80. It is tattached to Port numberd 3 in the manual.


I have tried multiple PC's all with HDMI Ports working with other monitors. I set the sync frequencies to 30Hz, 50Hz and 60Hz. But to no avail. In config I set Input 2 to be named "OtherSource":


This is what I get on a Lenovo S430, Thinkbook T14, Medion 560 and HP EliteBook - the DX80 behaves the same on all machines I tried.

Step 1 - No cable attached, after touching the share button:



Step 2: After attaching the HDMI cable


Step 3: Touching Learn More



Windows does recognize the DX80. This is what windows gives me on my Win10 Thinkbook14



Obviously I have tried several different HDMI cables as well as several different devices.


Any idea what could go wrong or how I could resolve the issue?

Thanks in advance for all hints and ideas,

Have a great time


Accepted Solutions

Connected laptop and  DX 80 with a HDMI, no configuration  I did  on DX 80 or  laptop. 


I feel like its your DX 80 hardware issue. 





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Thank you for your reply, unfortunately this was not helpful at all since it did not consider any of the information I posted.

As you can see from the more precise layout I posted, the ports shown as 3/4 in your picture are exactly the same ports shown in CISCO's technical documentation as Port 2/3. The appropriate HDMI Port is the port right next to the USB A port.

And - as you can also see from my post, the input is detected on the DX80 side (switching from no signal detected to input source error).

BTW: Obviously, before getting different notebooks, different cables etc. I tried both ports ad nauseam.

Thank you and best regards

Before posting a new entry, I did review the entries (quite old anyway) that you are quoting very carefully. Since the posts are over 4 years old, they will probably apply to the Android firmware - a lot changed (to the worse) with the CE Software I have to use now.


Because those posts did mention problems with Lenovo Laptops, I tested with computers of other brands as well.

Because I reviewed the entries carefully I did not use any adapters but just native HDMI ports connecting to the DX80 HDMI port.

Unfortunately the posts mentioned did not even get properly resolved and no reproducible resolution was given. Hence: the posts are no solution to my HDMI connection Problem.


I tried some more cables (and both ports) and went back in time with PC's using an old Samsung Laptop still running on Windows 8. The error message is persisting.

A previous post recommended using a docking station or an USB HDMI Dock. I tried this as well, not using the native HDMI port on the PC but the HDMI Port on the i-tec external USB Dock. This did not work as well.


I attached a DVD Player with HDMI output to even try non PC HDMI input - to no avail.

I did a factory reset on the DX80. No change.

I had the device checked for physical or eletronic damages - the technician said, the device itself is perfectly OK.

I tried to downgrade the Software to revert to the most excellent Android Software, that was previously used in DX80 Devices - unfortunately reverting is not possible.


I am giving up and I am coming to the conclusion that using the DX80 as an external monitor is simply no longer possible.


Request: It would be great to get notice from anyone that is currently using the DX80 with the abysmal CE Software (ce 9.13.0) - not the excellent Android software - as external monitor or with any external HDMI source.


Thanks to anyone who read this and thanks in advance to anyone replying!



Could be a hardware issue. I managed one DX 80 with CE 9.13.1 and connected laptop using HDMI and its working pictures attached. Laptop dell windows 10 



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Could you post your config? Win10 and DX80?

Thank you.

Connected laptop and  DX 80 with a HDMI, no configuration  I did  on DX 80 or  laptop. 


I feel like its your DX 80 hardware issue. 





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Could be a hardware problem - although I had it checked by our technicians yesterday and they did not find any problem.

I am just writing this thing off since using the webcam with an attached PC is not possible anyway ...


Thank you very much for your help.

We have hundreds of these that we use as external monitors in high focus rooms. Nowadays we have them on CE 9.14.4 if I remember correctly, but we’d have been on several older versions also with no problem as per what you describe.

I’m with @Nithin Eluvathingal on this, there is likely a hardware problem on your device.

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