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E20 keeps disconnecting from SIP server.

I have 7 E20's deployed and this is the only one that I ever have issues with.  It repeatedly disconnects from VCSC and must be rebooted.  A reboot will resolve the issue for a few days to a week, but it keeps happening.  I have no idea why it's doing this.  Can you guys help me out?

Danny De Ridder
Cisco Employee

What kind of signalling protocol you use ? H323 or SIP? You can enable some more logging on the codec.

log ctx sippacket debug 9

log ctx h323 debug 9

And then when the codec is not "connected" reboot and get the logs.

The logs can be retrieved from web browser. Diagnostics -> Logfiles

Depending on the release you have you can load all historical files in a bundle or one by one.

With the debug above you should be able to see why the codec unregisters.


Thank you.  I have given that E20 the SIP command you posted and will collect the log next time I have to reboot it.  I'll post back here when I have it.


What is software version of E20 & VCS ?

Kind regards,


yea, the more info the better, also how the deployment looks like, if its a vcs-c or -e, clustered, non clusterd,

if there are any active network components, like nat-router, firewalls, algs, ... in the path.

Also some info about the e20 and vcs config, like how is the registration done, ip, A record, SRV records,

sip outbound, what the sip timeout settings are, manual e20 config or provisioning, ...., ..., ....

There are many things which can have an impact.

I have a E20 running on a public ip towards a VCS-E and its does not show any trouble at all :-)

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The software version on the E20 is TE4.1.1.273710 and the software version of the VCSC is X7.1.  The deployment is as follows.  E20 plugs directly into a network switch, the VCSC plugs directly into our Nexus 7000, non clustered, no NAT, and Firewall open.  Registration is done via SIP URI and the E20 is configured manually.  I don't know about any SIP timeout settings.  Where can I find that?

As I have seen it working fine with X7.1 and TE4.1.1 I would guess there is something wrong in your deployment :-)

What do you use, sip TLS or TCP? If you switch from one to the other, does it make a difference?

If you do not know where the sip timer settings are, you are most likely running the default

which should be fine anyhow. I would have expected a non vcs as the registrar if regs are lost.

anyhow you find it on the VCS under

VCS configuration > Z Protocols > SIP > Configuration

as you had the word Firewall with no-no upfront, thats often a problem, especially for h323 or unencrypted sip

as many firewalls have some inspection or voip handling build in by default which might not even show up in

the config unless its disabled. Also session timeouts on the firewall can cause issues.

An other thing to check if there is anything in your local network what causes trouble on the E20 like cdp,

strange ethernet broad, multicast or unicast traffic, hacking attempts and so on.

Do you have the chance to put a c20 in the same network as the VCS, that might also be interesting to see.

Danny already mentioned the voip logging which would be helpful, in addition if it still happens on the

same network as the vcs-c, use a monitor port and capture all the ehternet traffic

Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

Which log file do you want?  Today the E20 did something different.  I could not connect to ie via SSH for reboot.  I had to use TMS to reboot it.

1- is this E20 registering in different subzone than the other six E20?

2- can you swap this E20 with working non-problimatic E20 just for the sake of testing?

3- enable Diagnostic logs on VCS and see in the log the reason or share with us the snippet of the log for E20

4- if network related, ultimately you can packet capture both at VCS and E20 end and see whether there is network issue there



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